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Animal Testing � Argumentative Essay

Animal Testing has led to dramatic improvements in the quality and quantity of life throughout the world. The veracity of this matter is crucial to every individual due to the fact that the experiment that is done on the animals can save lives for the reason that it can bring new medicine to aid people’s existence and reproduction. To all the scientists who are interested in animal issues and who think that it’s immoral and it should be banned, the next few paragraphs might make you think otherwise. Animal testing offers results that benefit the well being of humans. It can enhance understanding of the group under examination, and amplify the development of cosmetic surgery.

Animal Testing can introduce effects which are beneficial to the health of individuals and animals. Scientific research on animals is excellent since it can help in finding cures for many diseases. All scientists should realize that animal research is brilliant for the reason that we are able to survive through countless diseases, and not expire after every cold. If scientists did not use animals for evolutionary purposes, we wouldn’t be able to survive or reproduce. This is what has been keeping us alive until now. The world has accumulated many negative viruses and germs that by this point in history, the human race would have disappeared. Inuit’s used to pass away with just one illness. Nowadays we have medicine that can keep us alive and help our bodies fight just about anything. The credit should be given to the animal testing that researchers do. Laboratory exercises, as well as classroom demonstrations involving live animals can be valuable as instructional aids. Every student should understand that every lab and information given, are tools that can improve and continue all the research which can help humans survive. Some people may say that the notion of using animals for human purposes is wrong, immoral and we should try to use another method to be able to get cures to medication. Animals are the closest species or group on earth that resembles the human race. If we want to get cures we need to try out the medicine before giving it out, otherwise researchers can end up killing people instead of saving them. If we decide not to use medicine, everyone would get illnesses form each other and pass them on.

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Animal testing can augment understanding concerning the group under examination. More knowledge and resolutions about any topic can be found when we test animals. Several individuals may articulate that it is very selfish to consider only human needs. They would add that animals have just as much rights as humans. Those people don’t understand that by testing animals it can be beneficial to the animals themselves. We can help animals survive as well. In addition, we are able to find out more about animals and get more knowledge about the growth of each species, and the possible effects that may arise in the future. Animal testing can be as simple as ringing a bell and feeding a dog, such as in Pavlov’s experiment, in order to understand how animals learn. Pavlov and his co-workers “had found that if a piece of food is placed in a dogs mouth, saliva is produced reflexively. If a dog merely sees a piece of food, salivation occurs automatically” (Salem, No date). Those tests help understand behaviour. We as students learn this in an introductory course in phsychology. Every type of testing including how to educate a dog is beneficial. If we didn`t have methods on how to test our animals we would not have pets in our homes, due to fear of getting diseases, and disobediance that we will not want to have. Buy testing an animal on what triggers them like ringing a bell in order for them to sit, gives us sufficient knowledge on how to raise our own kids. If we would test animals this way, many animals would be killed because no one would want to adopt them because of disobedience.

Scientists do not test animals for fun. They will declare it is morally acceptable for human beings to use other animals, but that it is morally wrong to cause them unnecessary or avoidable suffering. “Research is carried out as humanely and ethically as possible. This has rightly resulted in the gradual reduction and elimination of animal testing in many of the research areas mentioned” (European Coalition of Positive People (ECPP), 00). Unfortunately, the testing of an animal can lead to death. Once the animal dies many cosmetic ingredients can come from those animals; Eye liner, lip stick, hair products and much more. Many people will say that using animals for those reasons is morally wrong. However, we are talking about a dead animal that will be thrown away. Many women suffer from breast cancer and need to rebuild their breasts. The method of using animals to create a permanent liner, in order to redesign a nipple can be used. Also, now a day’s, women like to decorate their faces with permanent eye liner and permanent lip liner. All of this can bring money for advanced testing, for new cures.

Animal testing has helped the human race survive. We are able to help ourselves to be healthier physically and mentally. For those of you who still think that animal testing is immoral, ask yourselves one simple question. If you had cancer (G-d forbid), would you want to be able to find a cure for it? Countless diseases have been fought with this method, behavior of many species too. And cosmetic surgery has helped many needy patients to completely overcome their sickness. Animal testing is the smartest method of helping the world to be a better place!

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