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Love from a persons family is the greatest thing in the whole world. People can have friends that love them but not as much as your family will. Many problems may happen to a family but the love always keeps the family together. Many people have bad days and weeks but they can always count on a family member loving them no matter happens.

My father is the person I look up to most in my life. My dad has been there every single time I have ever needed him and times I did not need him. He has his own business that he has run for thirty years. He is always on top of things and he remembers everything you tell him. He has accomplished so much in his life. He was an immigrant in this country that could not speak one word of English and now many years later he owns his own business. He is my idol because of his hard work and dedication. My father never gives up on anything. Once his mind is set on something he will try to accomplish it somehow. This characteristic held by my father is also held by his three children. He will never stop working until the day he dies.

My mom is also another person hat I look up to. My mother was also an immigrant. She has been a nurse for many years. My mother took seventeen years off from work. She did this because she wanted to raise her children and not have a nanny or someone look after us. I look up to my mother because of this. She had all three of us and she took the responsibility of having children. She has always made time for us. We always went on vacation every year. They usually let us pick where we want to go. She would always be at my little league game or a football game. She did not like sports but she did like seeing me excel in something that I do. She was proud of me when she saw me playing sports and doing well. I have many traits like my mother. We are like the same person. I feel more comfortable with her more than anyone in the whole world.

My brother and sister are two great people. I do not really fight with either of them. We may have the occasional fight but that is normal. I have gone to their sport games and they were always at mine. My brother and sister are two of my best friends. I have gone through the most things with them in my life.

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My family is a very tight group of people. We have always been like that. We all fight with each other and sometimes are mad at each other. We never end up staying mad at everyone. We always make up or work something out. We are always working something out. I gave my little sister rides like when my brother gave me rides before I had my license. My parents will almost let me do anything I want. As a long as I am honest they will let me do many things. Everything in my family is about trust. If you are good and honest you should be fine. If you lie then they will be mad and we will not get along. Honesty is a great trait to have. My family is just like every other family. We work with love and move on from there.

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