Japanese Economy

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Writers and Revolutionaries

The focus is on the rise of Asian nationalism. Embittered by the failure of the victorious powers to dismantle their imperial empires in the Pacific, their peoples racked by poverty, famine and cultural ferment, Asias leaders sought new strategies for change. Chinese writer Lu Xun and Japanese right-wing philosopher Kita Ikki are profiled as intellectuals who sought to resolve the conflict between the national character and international standing of their homelands.

At the end of the 1th and the beginning of the 0th century, there was a national awakening in China. The factors responsible for this rise of nationalism were the ruthless economic exploitation of the country by the European imperialists. Besides this, the social, economic and political exploitation of the Chinese by the reigning Manchu dynasty in collaboration with the Chinese landlords and the warlords resulted in great poverty in China. This aggravated the nationalist spirit of the masses. In 100 the Boxer Rebellion broke out, with the aim of overthrowing the Manchu dynasty and of expelling all foreigners from the soil of China. However this rebellion was ruthlessly crushed by the combined armed forces of England, Russia, Germany, Japan and the U.S.A. In 101, China was forced to accept the humiliating terms of the Treaty of Peking with the European powers.

Sentimental Imperialists America in Asia


This video examines American attitudes toward Asia from 1776 to the present the merchants, missionaries, and Marines who-however well-intentioned-often saw in Asia and Asians what they wanted to see, rather than the realities of those cultures and peoples.

A U.S. civil government in 10 replaced the military authority in the Philippines with William Howard Taft becoming the first civil governor. Taft later became an American president. American politics affected the islands as Taft and his successors were unwilling to delegate very much authority to the Filipinos. Eventually, a commission was appointed to investigate the situation in 11. Under opposition of the Filipino advocates for independence, the commission declared immediate independence would be a betrayal of the Philippine people. Official policy was changed with the election of another United States president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. A bill was passed in 1 granting the Philippines independence after 1 years. A catch to this was that the US would have military and naval bases. Another catch was that Philippine exports were to have tariffs and quotas imposed on them. Needless to say, the Filipinos rejected this bill. Another bill was passed in 14 that pleased both sides, by 146, the Philippines would be granted complete and absolute independence. This second bill also provided for a Philippine president to oversee an interim commonwealth, supervised by the United States. In 15, the constitution was approved by Roosevelt and ratified by the Philippine people.

China In the Red

The video “China in the Red” described china’s economic reforms and the major problems that they are experiencing economically. The deterioration in the state-owned enterprises, the crisis in the agriculture, the high inflation rate, a large number of unemployment, the inequality in the income distribution, economic disparities in different regions, corruption and bureaucracy, social problems and instability are the major problems that threaten the success of China economically.

Inside Japan

Japans post-war economic growth comes in the context of an increasingly interconnected global economy. As the Cold War winds down, and Japans economic power grows, trade conflicts build in Europe and the United States. The political, historical, and cultural underpinnings of Japans post-war economic miracle is considered in terms of the wealth it brought to the Pacific Basin and in its creation of a new Asian model of capitalism.

The postwar demilitarization and the prohibition of rearmament written into the new Constitution eliminated the heavy drain of military spending on the nations economic resources. The breakup of the zaibatsu (large business trusts) set loose the forces of free competition, and the ownership of farmland was redistributed on a wholesale basis among former tenant farmers, giving them fresh incentives to improve their lot. Barriers to labor union activities were also removed, with the result that workers job security became better protected and the way was opened for a steady rise in wage levels. Under the priority production system, stress was placed on increased output of coal and steel, the two main focuses of the nations industrial endeavor. An upswing in steel production laid the foundation for an overall takeoff of production, featuring a surge in capital investment sustained by the recovery of consumption. Production subsequently increased not only in the key material industries, such as steel and chemicals, but also in new industries producing consumer goods, such as television sets and automobiles.

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