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This fiction story takes place at Welton Academy, a private school only for boys in Vermont, USA in the year 15.

One of the main characters is Mr. John Keating. He is the new English professor at Welton. When he was young, he was a student of this school and now he comes back in order to try teaching differently than all the others. And he succeeds in doing that. He wants the pupils not to simply read and interpret the poems famous poets have written, but he wants them to write poems themselves. He wants them to become individual persons, to forget acting how they get told to and make their lives extraordinary. Mr. Keating is an enthusiastic person. He really wants to reach his aims and nearly does everything for that. When he comes into class for the first time, to confuse the boys and make them paying attention, he is wearing a shirt and a tie but no jacket, like all the other teachers. He is sitting in front of the room, staring out the window and not saying a word. To convince the students of his different lessons, he does very strange things. When they have their first lesson, tells the boys to take their books and to rip out the first few pages.

Step by step, John Keating shows the students to make their lives extraordinary and to give them an individual touch. His most important motto is CARPE DIEM, what means SEIZE THE DAY!

He shows the boys the beauty of poetry. But the story takes a bad end. Because of careless actions, he gets fired.

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The other important characters in that story are the students, who�s lives have totally changed since Mr. Keating is teaching them. There are Todd Anderson, Knox Overstreet, Neil Perry, Charlie Dalton, Steven Meeks, Richard Cameron, George Hopkins and Pitts.

Sixteen-year-old Todd Anderson is a new student at Welton Academy. He is a calm and shy person who doesn�t speak much about his thoughts and feelings. His brother was at Welton too and he was one of the best students there ever. So Todd has to stand a very hard pressure because everyone, his parents and his teachers, want him to get as well grades as his brother got.

Todd�s self esteem is very low at the beginning. When the boys should read out their self-written poems the first time, Todd refuses to recite his one. But Mr. Keating doesn�t accept a no. So he instructs him to come out and to stand in front of the class. Then Keating does an experiment with him. First he tells him to shout very loud, in order to forget his fears. Then Todd has to look at a picture, to close his eyes and to cry out the impressions, that come to his mind. Now there is a poet speaking. Keating cheers.

Todd Anderson�s personality changes until the end of the book. He gets more self confident, courageous and he bothers to act how he wants to. He tells what he thinks and lives his own life. Carpe diem helps him with that.

Knox Overstreet is also sixteen years old. He is an extrovert person. At the beginning of the semester, when he is invited to the dinner at the house of his fathers� friends, he gets to know Chris. She�s the girlfriend from Chet, the son of his father�s friend. At the first time, he sees her, he falls in love. He isn�t able to concentrate on the lessons any more. And when he has to write a poem, it is always about Chris. He nearly tries everything, that Chris falls in love with him. At a party, Chet hits him because he touched his girlfriend. But Knox doesn�t punch him. Chris often tells him to stop longing for her because Chet is likely to kill him, but Knox doesn�t matter. He loves Chris and doesn�t give up, until they kiss romantically under the full moon.

Neil Perry is the roommate of Todd Anderson. He helps him to become familiar with life at the boarding-school. His father is a very strict, suppressing and authoritarian person and Neil suffers from that. He always has to agree with his father�s plans and isn�t allowed to have his own opinion, dreams, wishes and plans.

But then John Keating shows him another way to live. The motto, the poems and the Dead Poets Society club help him to realise his own dreams. He gets to know, that the acting-club still searches actors for the stage play A Midsummer night�s Dream. Acting has always been one of Neil�s dreams his father forbade. But now he has got so much self esteem, that he doesn�t hear to the words of his father anymore and starts acting. He gets the roll of Puck, the central figure. He is very happy at the rehearsals and glad about his courage to act against his father. But his Dad soon comes to visit his son and to forbid him acting.

So he takes him home, after the scene. But Neil doesn�t even think of living at his parents� house and doing the same as in former times-exactly the things his father wants him to do.

He is desperate and doesn�t see another way, so he commits suicide.

Charlie Dalton is the shareholder of the group. He is a fanatic. Charlie calls himself Nuwanda to show the others how serious he is about all, they learn from Mr. Keating. He sees everything in an easy and relaxed way, maybe too easy. One night he brings two girls into he cave to the meeting of the Dead Poets Society where only boys are in. The others are very surprised. They want to get informed before someone starts such actions. But then, they are happy about it because hey have a lot of fun with them and girls are a very rare thing in their lives at the boys� school.

Charlie also writes a clandestine school paper article which contents the demand for girls at Welton Academy. That causes a big conference where Mr. Nolan, the headmaster wants to find out the author of this article. Suddenly there is a phone ring. Charlie opens his bag and takes a telephone out. Welton Academy, hello? he says for all to hear. He talks with the imaginated person on the phone and after some phrases he holds the receiver out to the headmaster. It�s for you, it�s God. He said we should have girls at Welton, Nuwanda says. this action causes many problems. As a punishment, he gets caned with a stick until his back is bloody. In the end he gets expelled because of his behaviour.

Steven Meeks is not as important in this story as the other boys. There aren�t many facts about him to know. He is the clever one of he group. Especially in Latin he is a scholar. So the others always come to him when they have problems in school. They often come together in a study group o learn all together. Meeks is the Leader for sure.

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