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This film directed by Alfred Hitchcock was very powerful as well as intense. It made the audience feel a number of different emotions because of the element of suspense and thickening plot. The adjectives that would best describe this move would be grave, serious, tragic and heavy.

The opening credits of the film were eerie with the close up of a human eye and lots of flashing light. It hinted to the style and strange plot line of the rest of the film. The music in the film, especially during the action scenes was very loud and stark. It was defiantly noticeable to the viewer. This was evident especially when Scotty was having a dizzy spell because of heights, the music would race causing the audience to feel dizzy also. Almost every scene in the movie was clocked with some sort of shadow causing a heavy and serious effect. There was the use of strobe flashing lights and also read flashing lights as Scotty’s mind flashed back and the whole story of Madeline is revealed to the audience. There is the horrible nightmare Scotty has with bight colors and shapes that are uncomfortable and frightening. The film was about a woman who was being possessed by here great grandmother who was mad. A story dealing with ghosts and the supernatural is not a light subject matter. Towards the end of the film it becomes apparent that there were no ghosts or possessions it was all a set up for a man to murder his wife. He had already broken her neck and then used Scotty and Madeline to get away with his crime. It was a sick and twisted way for him to escape with his money to Europe. It was a sad and heavy film because even though this film did have a love story within it, it was a tragic love story. Scotty was in love with Madeline and he blamed himself for her death because he could not get up to the top of the tower in time. However, the woman he loved did not exist. She was a hired actress. After he so call death he met the actress and because she looked like Madeline and he tried to love her too by changing her to look and act like his fantasy Madeline. When Scotty finally learned the truth about the set up, there was still a small chance he might learn to love her because he had fall in love with him. And then all hope was gone as she fell out the window because of guilt and fright. This was a horribly tragic and lonely ending. Another example of how this was a gray movie was the fact that Scotty who had Vertigo or the fear of heights had to witness three people die by falling to their death and he was present and did not have control over any of them, he was virtually powerless.


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