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Cairns was hit by an epidemic of type three dengue fever in 18 that affected 500 people, and officials warned that those who caught the disease for a second time could develop potentially fatal haemorrhagic fever.

If people acquire a different strain of dengue, theres a risk of developing a severe form which is potentially fatal, Spencer said. Officials were concentrating their efforts in the suburb of Parramatta Park, which was badly hit in 18.

I have a list of 60 possible cases most of whom are from Parramatta Park, and most of whom I know looking at their signs and symptoms will be confirmed eventually as having dengue, said Dr Jeffrey Hanna, medical director of the Cairns-based Tropical Public Health Unit.

Authorities have not been able to trace the person who brought the dengue strain to Cairns from abroad. The symptoms of dengue fever include fever, headache, rash, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea and fatigue.

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