Modern Heroes

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A hero is someone who has done something good, which differentiates them from other people. This would be something brave or courageous, something, which is, classed as a ‘heroic act’ or something which is collectively inspiring.

An idol is someone who in your eyes has an extraordinary quality about them, which you admire ‘look up to’. This could be many different things but to each individual this would make them an idol. Many people’s idols are heroes. Although people may have common famous idols an idol does not necessarily have to be someone famous or rich. Idols, their qualities and what makes them an idol can differ from many people like peoples perception on what is a hero. Some people may say their parents or grandparents are their idols/heroes because of what they have endured in life others may think of a great figure/‘hero’ in history e.g. Winston Churchill.


An example of both is

Rosa Parks- She was a woman living in America around 45years ago when racism in America was a way of life. Because of this black people were forced to sit in the back of public buses and white people were to sit in the front. Rosa Parks saw that she worked just as hard as the white people taking the bus and decided to sit in the front as this was very uncommon she was immediately asked to move but refused and for this was imprisoned. This inspired many black people over America to unite in a movement against racism. This categorizes Rosa Parks as a Heroin.

Beyonc�- Is a singer and actress in the present time and to many people she may be an idol. Someone they ‘look up to’ or ‘want to be like’. But she is not a hero. She has an extraordinary quality (singing) and this makes her an idol. Most people’s idols are famous.

I believe that heroes can be born and made because past heroes show us a vary of heroes who were ‘born into heroism’ (expected to be something of a hero) and people who are not heroes but become heroes at the point when they do one thing which sets them apart from others. An example of this is shown with many heroes.

Heroes like Martin Luther King and Henry rd were born into families where they were expected to become something of a hero. People like Nelson Mandela and Ghandi were not born into anything special but became Heroes for their beliefs and how they portrayed them to others.

Heroic acts are generally classed under many different actions and they can vary from something active to something which only involves saying one word ‘no’ for example. Examples of some heroic acts are

Saving children from a burning down orphanage

Not moving from your seat in the front of the bus- against racism

Not to respond to any violence at any time and never to show this fazes you

Relieving a country of its stress and making it for the better

Inspiring people to make a positive change in their life

‘Does a hero have to be perfect?’ I believe that a hero does not have to be anywhere near perfect to be a hero but they are expected to have a certain standard above others, in which still sets them apart from people who are not heroes.

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