Garys House

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“Garys House”

On April 4th I attended a production of “Gary’s House” by Debra Oswald directed by Carol Wimmer, at Castle Hill Players. This play reflected themes of relationship breakdowns, social economic status and death. A act play about people who don’t fit in and desperately trying to. Beginning with an odd couple of Gary and Sue - Anne trying to build a life for each other and their expected baby on a small acreage in a small country town. Their lives however, gradually become more complicated, as Gary’s sister turns up to claim her part of the land and Sue � Anne becomes fed up.

The character of Gary performed by Mike Stacey was we played. His character was convincing as he was true to the play, the production and the theatrical conditions. Caitlin Wright who played the character of Sue � Anne also performed well. However, the casting of someone that young looking was untrue to the play; and by the end of the production I’m sure many members of the audience were holding back from getting up and stuffing a sock in her mouth to end her annoying whining. The relationship between Gary and Sue � Anne was portrayed well, and the teamwork between the two was good.

The characters of Christine and Dave played by Leonie Bringolf and Stephen Snars were weak they had trouble fitting into the characters personality although that may have been a poor interpretation. They performed poorly even for amateur actors but the characters were badly casted, Dave in particular, was too old for his character and a little too seedy. Christine was constantly fiddling with her costume; this took away from her characters high self-esteem and confidence. The relationship between these two was basically the only thing slightly convincing; although they were still a little uncomfortable. Vince was played particularly well, adding humour to the production. His character was brought on a little bit stronger than the written one but he added variety to the casting.


Climaxes were achieved fairly weakly to the point that some climaxes could have been overlooked as just another moment, but most reactions and emotions were fairly true. The actors strongly brought on the “Outback Australian” feel with their attitude, colloquial language and movement, which was also faithful to Debra Oswald’s play, although the actual acting on a whole was fairly amateur, but that was not to be unexpected.

The director interpreted and directed “Gary’s House” quite literally, by the book and I liked the concept of the play a lot. The director’s choice to involve Gary at the end was quite effective and worked well. The baby was also handled well and was portrayed quite convincingly as a real child. Although the choice to use and light a real cigarette was a poor one, in such an enclosed space the smell became quite offensive and uncomfortable, it would probably been a better decision to use it as purely just a prop. Apart from that the play was unified and ran smoothly.

The design of the production was probably the best feature of the night. Carol and husband/set designer Steve Wimmer worked the set idea of the building of the house quite well into the production gradually building up the house was a good way to signify the gradual building of relationships. The lighting was fairly simple and just a general well-lit stage was the main format. The red glow was particularly effective to portray the gloom and dinginess of the local pub. As were the sound effects, the birdcalls and Ute worked well to improve the feel of the production, the child’s cries however were a little loud making it not only annoying but also unrealistic. The costumes worked well with the period of the play along with the characters; the general country town fashions was obvious in all characters, or in Christine’s case the hard ass city girl. Christine’s costume should have been better fitted to stop her from fiddling and looking like a bit of a frump.

The audience reacted well to the play and its emotions and seemed to be enjoyed over all by the regular viewer. However I felt the play was done quite poorly for an amateur production which I really quite poor.

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