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What is a “good society” anyway? A society free from crime, a society free from poverty, or maybe just a free society. For many people it is hard to say what a good society would be like, anything better than the one we live in will do. While others hold the opinion that we live in the ultimate “good society” and it does not get any better than this. It’s impossible to have a good society without good people. Now the question is,

“ What makes a person good?”

A proper functioning society would not last unless it has a strong foundation. This foundation being the people living in the society. A good person is often thought of as a moral person. But what is a moral person? A moral person is someone who always does what is right, even when they know what pleasure might come from not doing the right thing. They do what is right not because they have to, but because they ought to. A question often asked in our society today is, why should one be moral? That very question is exactly what’s wrong with our current society. Our society today is what some call Egoism. Egoism is, “ the thesis that everyone always acts for his or her own advantage, that the only reason why people act respectfully or kindly toward each other is that courtesy and generosity, too, for one reason or another, are to their advantage”(The Big Question pg. 50). This is not to say that every person in this society is like this, but a lot of people are. In our society money talks and people will do just about anything to get it, either from prostitution, killing, steeling, lying and cheating. These are all examples of an immoral society. A moral or “good” society would have no crime and therefore no need for punishment. Most of all a good society would be composed of all moral people.

What kind of laws and justice would exist in a good society? Laws would exist to keep people safe just as they are now. The problem today is that immoral people find ways or “loop holes” in our justice system to get away with the crime they have committed. In, The Big Question, Thomas Hobbes suggests, “ People are naturally selfish and, in a world with scarce resources, we would literally kill one another if there were no laws and government to force us to behave ourselves.” In today’s society this is probably true, but in a moral society, this statement would be false. In a good society would exist four concerns of justice that come from the book, The Big Question


1. “People should get what they want.

. People should give what they can.

. People should be allowed to keep what they have.

4. People should get what they deserve.”

Then again, one would argue why would we need laws and justice if there were no crime? I believe, even in a good society where people are moral and do good by one another, there should still be laws and justice to keep people safe and also to provide a sense of order in a world full of chaos. Remember that we are only talking about one good society; there are hundreds of other societies in the world.

Equality is another important issue in a good society. Equality is important for the success of the society. Everyone must be equal to ensure a good quality of life for all. In a good society everyone would have the same opportunities and be denied nothing because of any physical, cultural, or religious differences. All people are human and deserve to be treated with respect and that is how it would be no matter what in a good society. The four kinds of Equality would be evident in a good society

1. “Every person has the same abilities, talents, and advantages.

. Every person has the same status before the law.

. Every person deserves to be given the same goods, benefits, and responsibilities in our society.

4. Every person should have the same opportunities for achievement and advancement in our society.”

Liberalism would also be something that would be apart of a good society.

Liberalism views are ones that believe in natural rights as well as the benefits of a good society. Liberals do approve of a government as long as it is there to protect and only to benefit the people. A quote from, The Big Question, sums up a liberal view “ For the liberal, the self is the bearer of rights to a decent life, which becomes the obligation of society.”

What type of government would be instilled in a good society? Democracy would still be the best government in a good society. Since democracy means “ruled by the people” and, in a good society all people are moral, it would be the best-suited type of government. Some would argue what the need for a government is in a good society if all are moral and just? Some would say that anarchism would work in this type of society, I disagree. In a good society the government would be there to organize the society and provide social order. Even if people are moral, it does not hurt to have a sense of security and protection from other societies in the world that are immoral and unjust. The government is there to protect and serve and in a good or moral society that is exactly what it would do.

In the end a good society would be made of people who are kind, forgiving, honest, and do what is right for the good of all. Now I do not want to sound as if though I do not like this society or country that we live in today. I love this country and everything that it stands for. I believe that the world we live in today this is the best society in the world. We are the most functioning and free society in the world. However, it does have its problems. The good society I have described in this paper is an ultimate fantasy of the perfect society. A society free from crime, free from poverty, and just overall free.

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