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In “Where To Put Your Hands,” author Lee Tonouchi describes the main character as a shy, down to earth guy and a grandson who is always lectured by his grandmother. The constant pressure from his grandmother, to find a girlfriend, made it harder for him to find one. The main character has gone to school with Joy, a popular, young and smart childhood friend whom he has known for quite sometime. The other main character in “Wonder Woman and My Junior Prom,” author Wendy Miyake is a young teenage girl who was different from other teenagers. When she was a child, her favorite superhero was Wonder Woman. She was fascinated and wanted to become that superhero.

The main character in “Wonder Woman and My Junior Prom,” is shy whereas the narrator in “Where To Put Your Hands” is bold. In “Wonder Woman and My Junior Prom,” the main character is a shy girl. She admired the popular girls from school. She says, “Basically the system worked if you were skillful with pompoms, exuded a consistant aura of perkiness or were born with incredible bone structure. You saw the coolness of the pyramids summits.” She wanted to be on the top of that pyramid or popularity not in the middle where she was a nobody. In “Where To Put Your Hands,” the main character lacked self-confidence. He admired Joy, a smart, pretty and popular high school girl. He says, “She wuz like my ideal. I dunno why but everytime I wanted fo’ talk to her I got all nerjous. Cuz one pretty nerd is like one contradiction in terms, ah.” Since intermediate school, the main character was always scared to talk to Joy. He felt the best way not to panic was to not talk to her at all.

The main character in “Where To Put Your Hands,” was very conscientious. The main character admired Joy from afar. He had the urge to dance with Joy the whole night at the Leo Club function. “I remember I wanted so bad fo’ dance with Joy. I had my eye on Joy da whole night. I made da kine mental comparison fo’ see wot all da guys she axed had in common fo’ see if I had chance.” Unfortunately, he had the oppurtunity to dance with Joy, but when he attempted to ask her to dance, another girl approached him and asked him if he wanted to dance. In contrast to “Wonder Woman and My Junior Prom,” the main character was furious. After several rejections by asking her guy friends to junior prom, she says, “Was it a part of my anatomy � too small here, too large there? What? The questions kept coming. Could you choose a part? Pinpoint the problem.” She wanted to be heard. She didn’t understand why her own friends wouldn’t go with her to the junior prom. “I wasn’t looking for a four-month commitment but rather a fun night.”

The final difference between the main characters in “Where To Put Your Hands” and “Wonder Woman and My Junior Prom,” is one is overwhelmed, while the other is arrogant. The main character from “Wonder Woman and My Junior Prom,” was so stunned that Scott, a popular high school football star, wanted to go with her to the prom. “Well…my daughter..y-you know the one who lives in my house. Yah, well…she uh bought this beautiful white dress, see, and ah…these bids you see…and I-I’d hate for it to go to waste.” “I’d be glad to take her.” “And she has these pretty gloves that go with the dress…and oh I don’t know how to say this…” “Mr. Iwamoto, I’ll take her.” She was so happy that she got to go with him. Whereas, the main character in “Where To Put Your Hands,” was arrogant. He says, “Somehow I knew we had a certain chemistry though. Could she possibly like me too? I mean I not da most good-looking guy in da world, ah…” He wanted Joy to like him for who he was. And although he did feel that Joy did like him too, he wanted to know for sure. The narrator compared himseld to Michael Furoyam, Rommel Ofalsa, and Kyung Taek Kang, a few of the other guys, who got to dance with Joy, the girl he wants to be with.


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