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Christmas Adventure

For some people Christmas can get to be a routine. Families will get together to have dinner and open presents. Many times Christmas can get boring. A good Christmas is one that is different form the rest, like the Christmas that I spent with my family in Mexico. One year my family decided that for Christmas we would take a trip to Mexico, by car. We were going to go to my grandmother’s house and spend Christmas there. I was hesitant about going. Even though I did want to see my family there, I knew that the trip meant driving for a couple of days. This was the first Christmas that I had ever spent in Mexico.

We left so early in the morning that I was very sleepy, and I did not want to get up. It was winter, so it was cold and foggy outside. The seats in my dad’s old station wagon were made out of leather, so they were very cold. I tried to sleep in the car, but it was too cold and the heater was making too much noise. We were also tightly squeezed in the car. My dad was the driver, my mom sat on the passenger side, and my three sisters, my three brothers and I filled the back seats. I could smell the coffee that my dad was drinking. It left a pleasant aroma in the car. This was just the beginning of my trip.

We drove the whole day, making a few stops for food and gas. We had no idea how long it would take us to get there. That night we rented a motel room with two beds, and that’s where we spent the night. It was hard to sleep in there, because the motel was alongside the road, and I was able to hear each car that went by. We got up very early the next morning to continue driving. That day was very hot, and there was no air conditioning in the car. We stopped along the road to take pictures, to eat, and to stretch. It would get very boring sitting in the car for long periods of time. We played games and sang songs to entertain ourselves. We drove through the desert for about eight hours. My little brother kept asking “Are we almost there?” My dad rarely spoke while he was driving. He drank his coffee and concentrated on his driving. That second night we spent the night in the car, because there were no motels, and my dad was too tired to keep driving. My dad just pulled into a gasoline station and parked the car. We all tried to sleep the best we could. My mom rarely slept. She would stay awake watching over us. It was a good thing that my mom stayed awake that night. While we were all sleeping, she noticed a man that was trying to take down the luggage that we had on top of the car. Everyone woke up when my mom screamed. That also scared the man away. We continued driving after that. It took about ten more hours to arrive at my grandmother’s house. We were all relieved that we had finally gotten there. We didn’t have to sit in the car any longer, and now we had a comfortable bed to sleep in. The trip took two and a half days.

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After arriving, immediately I felt at home. My grandmother’s house was made out of old faded bricks. She had a beautiful garden with many kinds of flowers and three bird cages. The birds kept chirping as if they were happy to see us. The house seemed huge, since she lived by herself. The first thing I noticed when I walked inside was the red and green checkered floor. I got to meet new relatives, and I thought everyone was nice. My grandmother’s neighbors also came by to greet us. It was a couple of days before Christmas, so my grandmother had her nativity set displayed with lots of blinking lights. I was happy to be there.

When Christmas came, we were all anxious to celebrate and have a good time. That morning my mother and grandmother got up early to start cooking. Later on my aunts stopped by to help out. Meanwhile my brothers, my sisters and I went out to walk around. By the evening, many relatives had shown up. There was plenty of food, as though we were going to feed the whole neighborhood. There were plates full of tamales all stacked up, a bowl of posole was in the center of the table, several kinds of pasta salads were spread across the table, and there was also barbecued chicken. The dessert table was also filled with sweet tamales, and little squares of chocolate candy. We all ate, and enjoyed each others conversations. There were no presents, which we were used to, but that made no difference. Nobody even mentioned presents. Outside we got together with the neighbors to break pinatas. The colorful pinatas hang up high from a tree, and the children would go up to hit it. A wood fire kept us warm. The men and women gathered around the fire, while the rest of us played and danced. It was the best Christmas that I had ever experienced. Everyone stayed up very late. The next day I was tired from all the running around and dancing the day before. I got up late, wishing that next year we would be back again for Christmas. We celebrated New Years the same way, with lots of food, and lots of people. The days went by fast, and before I knew it we had been there for three weeks. It was time to come home, time to go back to school, time to go back to our daily routines. It was time to face reality.

Spending Christmas vacation in Mexico with my family was the greatest adventure of my life. The time seemed short, even though it lasted about four weeks. One week was spent in the car, driving to and from Mexico, and three weeks were spent in Mexico. From this experience I learned that Christmas doesn’t have to be the same every year. Going to different places for Christmas and meeting new people can be a pleasant experience.

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