Tony Blair

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I used to support the Labour Party as I had always thought that they were doing a good job however recently I have changed my mind as I have begun to realise that Labour is actually failing which I think is because of Tony Blair. Tony Blair is not only ruining labour but also our country.

In the elections in 17 Tony Blair and the Labour Party promised to build a modern, fairer Britain.

But I ask you what is fair?

The fact that students will have to pay three times more they pay for university from 006? Even though many people struggle to pay now as the fees are already too high.

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Teachers, firemen, and nurses receiving poor wages when people like lawyers, accountants and politicians receive quite a substantial amount? Yes their jobs may take a lot of hard work and skill but do they save lives or educate people, which is essential to live in this world? No they do not so to me teachers, firemen and nurses have the most important jobs and they should receive what they deserve.

Accepting too much asylum seekers and refugees when there are many British people living on the streets? These people are on the streets because there were no places for them to live or no jobs yet we can accept asylum seekers and refugees and give them places to live, jobs and also give them money and free education.

That we will have to go to an unnecessary war with Iraq even though most of the country does not agree with it? Why does Tony Blair want to go to war? Is it because he genuinely cares for the people and children of Iraq? If he did, he would not go to war which will hurt them but resolve the situation peacefully. Or is it that he is going to war because of President George Bush? Which does actually seem the case, so he is willing to put our lives and the lives of the innocent people of Iraq in danger just to please George Bush. Yes, Saddam Hussein is a cruel, horrid man and he does need to get rid of however he is not the only one, I mean there are more rulers like him, what about the President of Zimbabwe or even Tony Blair and George Bush themselves. As Tony Blair had said To remove Saddam would be to rid the world of one of the most revolting regimes in modern political history but to go along with this war he would be apart of another even more revolting regime.

What will Tony Blair or George Bush gain from this? They do not have support from the UN yet they still will go to war with Iraq, so just like Saddam they will be breaking rules, which would be very hypocritical.

It seems as though that Tony Blair has a very different definition of ‘fair’ to us.

A pledge card was launched on the th May 001 with five pledges for the next five years

The Economic pledge

1. Mortgages as low as possible, low inflation and sound public finances

(But house prices are rising)

The Schools pledge

. 10,000 extra teachers and higher standards in secondary schools

(Yet there are many schools without teachers as more and more teachers are leaving and without them how can schools reach a higher standard?)

The Health pledge

. 0,000 extra nurses and 10,000 extra doctors in a reformed NHS

(There are not enough nurses or doctors which is why people have to wait quite a long time in surgeries and hospitals to see a doctor)

The Crime pledge

4. 6,000 extra recruits to raise police numbers to their highest ever level

(There is a high crime rate, which is getting higher because the police can not do much about it)

The Families pledge

5. Pensioners’ winter fuel payment retained, minimum wage rising to £4.0

It has been nearly two years since then and not even one pledge has been successfully achieved so how are they supposed accomplish all this in five years?

If Tony Blair was not busy with George Bush planning a war and deal with America’s affairs then something could have be done to make our country better. Tony Blair plans to spend at lease $1 billion on the war, the money from which out parents pay taxes. Our parents do not pay taxes for the war that kills innocent people but for Britain, to make it a better place.

Tony Blair needs to sort out his priorities Britain or America? Who elected him and put him in power? It was the people of Britain who trusted him and though he would be a good leader but they were wrong. Tony Blair needs to rethink and listen to his people, the people of Britain.

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