Scavenger hunt

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Scavenger Hunt

1. 0 Find someone with red hair

. 0 Find someone with blue-gray eyes

. 0 Find a man pushing a baby stroller

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4. 0 Find someone who lives in Kentucky

5. 0 Find a red abercrombie and fitch T-shirt

6. 0 Go into a store and find ducky slippers

7. 0 Go into a store and find a turquoise l.e.i. shirt

8. 0 Find a girl with blonde hair who woks at the build a bear workshop

. 0 Find a card with a blue eyed cat on the front

10. 0 Find someone who lives in Tennessee

11. 0 Find a girl with blonde hair named Brooke

1. 0 Find a man named Rick

1. 0 Find a boy about our age named Adam

14. 0 Find a person eating Mc. Donald’s food

15. 0 Find someone who likes Dr. Pepper

16. 0 Find someone named Julie

17. 0 Find someone named Susan

18. 0 Find someone who is looking for a birthday gift

1. 0 Find someone with red shoes

0.0 Find a shirt with a star on it

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