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A cut on your arm, a burn on your finger, a hard fall, even surgery, all of these things leave scars. Every person has a scar, every scar has a story, and every story has a moral. I have several scars, but when I think of scars, three stand out the most.

“A dog’s bark is worse than his bite,” a famous expression. Yet this isn’t always true. At the age of seven I found that out the hard way. I was at friend Ryan’s house at the time, both our parents had gone and left Ryan’s nanny in charge of us. I don’t really remember how but somehow I wound up alone in the backyard with the dog, Paylay. Paylay has always had a bad temper, I don’t know what I did but she got mad and bit me above my right eye! She chased me around the yard, I hid in one of the trees until Ryan and her nanny found me. That dog has never liked me, and probably never will. Not everyone will like you, no matter how hard you try!

A few years later, I was probably around 10, I had appendicitis. At the time I didn’t know I had it. All I knew was that I had had stomach pains for about two weeks, I would just drink some tea and the pain would cease. Yet on the day of my aunt and uncle’s birthday party nothing would relieve my pain. My mom ended up taking me home. I wasn’t sure what made me feel worse, the pain or the thought of ruining the party. Soon I discovered it was the stomach pain. My mom took me to a “Doc N’ a Box” the doctor told us I had food poisoning, He prescribed about six or seven different medicines, I took them for one day and still the pain continued, if anything it got worse. Finally my mom took me to the emergency room, where I had several tests taken. They discovered that I had had appendicitis for about two or three weeks. When I was in the hospital, or some time before, my appendix had burst and all the harmful fluids were flowing through my body! I stayed in the hospital for seven days, when they removed my appendix. It way green! I wanted to keep it buy my mom wouldn’t even let me see it. After this ordeal was over I discovered how valuable a second opinion could be.

Around May of 001 I received my most recent scars. One is on my left elbow, the other on my left leg. Ii had crashed on a Goped, I flew about five feet and skidded another three or four feet. Luckily I had on a helmet. The odd thing is, I just sat up and started laughing, I had found it hilarious that I had fallen! Laughing did help with the pain. It not only calmed me down, it also kept my mind clear to what was going on.

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In the short 14 years of my life I have learned many things, these experiences taught me three. I learned that not everyone will like you, which is a hard concept for most to grasp. Second opinions are very important, especially in important matters. I also learned what most still don’t understand, it’s easier to just laugh some thing off, and laughter is the soul’s medicine. Three important life lessons from three unforgettable scars. I have now told you my story, look at your scars and uncover yours.

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