Research Problem & Method

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Research Problem & Method

Our research problem will be on Terrorism. I selected this topic because I wanted to learn more about the why and how of Terrorism. Being from another planet, us aliens would learn to prevent Terrorism on our planet. I have discussed the topic and decided to refine the topic on Why does Terrorism exist?

Our research methods we will be using are the resources from the Internet, the local library, and the UOPHX online library. Research begins with the problem of deciding what we want to know, which variables to use, and how to measure them in a valid and reliable way.

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The types of research method that we will we implement are the scientific method, which we will gather and interpret the evidence we find. We will then use variables to compare events and measure any data that we find.

There are three basic tasks to do sociological research. The first task is to describe and identify the question. The second task is to explain what we describe what the question identifies and the third task is to predict what the future will look like if the problem exist. Other research methods we can consider will be in-depth interviews, surveys or secondary analysis of information. This is information already gathered by other researchers. Researching for historical documents will be an additional valuable source of information to support our secondary analysis. This will help us understand social conditions in which people once lived.

We will also use the cross-cultural method of studying different type of societies that are dealing with terrorism. After we collect all this data on terrorism we will interpret the data and discover clues and patterns of why Terrorism exist.

The definition of Terrorism according to Webster-Merriam online defines Terrorism as the threat or use of violence, often against the civilian population, to achieve the political ends.

Terrorism was dated back in the 18th century when the common people of France were against the taxing policies of King Louis the XVI. The common people of France launched a violent rebellion against the King, the Catholic Church, the nobles and anyone who disagreed with the goals of the rebellion. During the first years of the revolution, the government struggled to gain control over the chaos that enveloped France. The government then took matters on their own hands and created the “Reign of Terror”. Anyone who criticized the government was declared to be a traitor and will be beheaded on the guillotine. This terror killed about 40,000 people and left people living in terror of being the next victim of the guillotine. This was the first example of government-sponsored terrorism. This showed how violence and the threat of violence could be used to frighten opponents and increase own power.

Modern Terrorism today consists of activities such as assassinations, bombings, random killings, hijackings, skyjackings and biochemical warfare by groups who are weak to mount open assaults. It is also a modern tool of the alienated and its psychological impact on the public increased because of the extensive coverage by the news media.

Governments and nations are trying different types of methods to prevent terrorism. The U.S. government has created a few agencies dedicated to prevent terrorism. One of the agencies The Diplomatic Security Service offers rewards up to $5million dollars leading to the capture of the individuals before they strike.

Terrorism for the future is here to stay and until people finally realize that killing innocent people is not the right thing to do, terrorism may end.

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