Monster's Ball Review

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Monster’s Ball

Monster’s ball really doesn’t give much sound at all. Instead of depending on sound or tone music the movie express’ the emotions of the characters by showing more face close ups and body movements. The viewer is made to sense and feel the emotion of the character just by the acting that is being done. For example when P. Diddy is being taken on his last walk, the camera in focused on him in front of the guards and it shows his sweaty face, enlarged eyes, and flaring nostrils representing fear. When a car hits Halle Berry’s son, the movie shows a frantic woman in search of help for her son. She is crying in the rain, trying to help her son come back to this world. There is only an eerie background sound, nothing to loud to drown out the sound of the characters.

This film made a very dramatic impact on the viewer with only a couple special effects. In reality it wouldn’t really considered a special effect. The scene in which P. Diddy is being electrocuted is the only scene that had any special effects. It was mostly sound, good lighting and a good actor. That was one of the primary special effects. Even though it was very simple and mostly likely cost effect for the budget of the movie, it brought out some fear, or sympathy from the viewer toward the character. Billy BodThorton has a son in the begging of the movie. After a confrontation between the both of them that altered the mood of the movie, the next scene that is showed is his son holding a gun and threatening to kill the father. But instead of killing the father, the son commits suicide by shooting himself in the chest.

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Dialogue in the movie is well written and helped to also set the position of the movie and of the characters. P. Diddy and Halle Berry speak in a form of ebonics. Most likely to show a lack of education from those characters. Billy Bod, his son and father speak English better, but it still is a basic english. With the dialogue that was given to then the viewer could interpret them as one of two thing; they had some form of higher education but not too extensive, or it’s a working class dialogue with out perfect structure. All of the dialogue had a southern accent to it.

Every single one of the characters was well formed in this movie. There are 6 main characters; Billy Bod Thornton as Hank, Halle Berry as Leticia, Heath Ledger as Sonny, Peter Boyle as Buck, Coronji Calhoun as Tyrell, and P. Diddy as Lawrence. Billy Bod is set up to be this emotionless monster at the begging of the movie, but as the movie progress’ and many negative factors unfold in his life he learns to love. Halle is a sinlge mother struggling to provide for her son, working any kind of job. Her husband is on death row, so she is left with the burden of the house payments and trying to provide. Heath is Billy Bod’s son, he is the mirror image of Billy Bod because he is caring, nice and a non-racist. Unlike his father, the only similarity that they have is their DNA and the job that they both have. Peter Boyle is a typical southern racist who the viewer comes to hate because of his simple-minded ideas and negative view on life. Coronji Calhoun is the son of Halle and P., he is a simple child just interested in his candy. But he is caught in an adult world because of the financial situation and the incarceration of his father. Finally P. Diddy is the man who is on death row. He is very calm and non-aggressive. His character is portrayed as a bit of an artisan because of his sketches that are shown throughout the movie.

The whole plot of the movie is actually very simple when you think of it. Billy Bod is trying to live in his father’s image and is confused. He then has to execute an inmate who ends up being Halle’s husband. After the death of his son and a non-violent confrontation with one of his neighbors his ideas begin to change. Then he meets Halle in a diner where she is substituting for the regular waitress because she need money to provide for her son since her husband is in jail. A car then hits Halle’s son in the middle of the road. Billy Bod is then moved to help her. That’s where a relationship begins to emerge, and where Billy Bod has new view on life. After spending more time together, Billy Bod then buys a gas station, names it Leticia, and he also puts his father in a nursing home. That is the begging of the new Billy. When Halle is evicted he is there to save her and bring her into his house. But before he did that, he painted his whole house to a white color instead of the dull depressing brown. Once they are living together Halle finds out that Billy is the one who executed her husband. But ironically she is now with the man who killed her husband, but did everything he could to save her son.


Very simple

Concentrating mostly on actor

Special Effects

Very simple




Southern accent

Shows status of character


1) Billy Bod Thornton as Hank

) Halle Berry as Leticia

) Heath Ledger as Sonny

4) Peter Boyle as Buck,

5) Coronji Calhoun as Tyrell,

6) P. Diddy as Lawrence




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