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What Do Managers Do?


Interviewed Mr.Jorge Alvarez

Manager, Expresso Bibliogrfico S.A.

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For this project I interviewed Mr. Jorge Alvarez, manager of Expresso Bibliografico, a company that specializes in books distribution all around the country. As the interview developed I had the chance to notice which of the roles he thought were the most and least important. He came to the conclusions that among the most important roles are leader, liaison, and entrepreneur. On the other hand, among the most time consuming roles are figurehead and negotiator. They are time consuming because negotiating with more than 14 schools, to get profits for shareholders is a very hard task.

He claims that you need skills and talents to get profitable outcomes.

Role Activities and Examples

Importance on job Time Consuming Example

Interpersonal Roles

Figurehead 4 4

Leader 5 4 Selects people to each department and gives objectives and possible sales forecast for the next month. He’s plan is to make them achieve the desirable sales.

Liaison 5

Information Roles

Monitor 4

Disseminator 4 The one in charge of distribution of books.


Decisional Roles

Entrepreneur 5 4 In charge of making sure the effectiveness and the efficiency of the organization is high.

Disturbance handler In charge of solving conflicts among the departments and the employees. Makes sure the customers are satisfied and handles clients claims.

Resource Allocator 5 4

Negotiator 5 5 The one in charge of visiting the schools and negotiating the cost and price on books. It is crucial to the organization that the negotiator is good. Otherwise sales will be poor.


In conclusion we can see that among the Interpersonal roles, the ones of highly importance to the company are Leader and Liaison. The leader is in charge of estimating market potential and forecasting sales, in other words the future of the company.

In this company leaders are also marketing managers specialized on sale trends. they are a very important role for the future of the company. Inside the company communication among managers(Leaders) and employees is crucial because the departments are connected. New or improved ideas or systems can come from any department.

The Liaison role is also of highly importance. Many contacts among the different schools should be good and representative. This is a social role, in order to establish good relationships with schools. If the company has good relationships with school the business can sell more year by year.

Among the informational goals, the Disseminator was the most important for job effectiveness. Since marketing managers and their personal staff have to be communicating among each other to exchange sales and locations it is a good idea to have a Disseminator. This role serves as a communication mean, inside the company, to carry out the work efficiently and effectively. However the roles of a spokesman is not that crucial to the company because it is an interactive company all exchanging ideas and cooperating. He deals with a closed organization, so transmitting information to people outside the business might not be very important.

Next on the list are the Decisional Roles, the Entrepreneur is highly important. A Company must always be prepared for changes and improvement, especially in this kind of business. Books are updated almost every year so as strategies, this business is always changing because the world is always undergoing change so are books. New sales strategies as well as constant relationship with the clients is demanded in this company otherwise clients will eventually change toward better services.

The Resource Allocator is a key factor in this business there are many categories of books and different marketing managers should be able to handle several categories. Allocating resources to the different marketing managers according to their skills and talents will improve effectiveness and development in the organization. An example can be distributing French books to the marketing manager department that knows the field and has perform exploratory research on that area.

According to Mr. Alvarez it is hard to handle a good communication with all the clients because sometimes books distributions are not complete or books can come out with a print error that it is not the company’s fault. Since Expresso orders the books from different book publishers and then distributes them. A Disturbance handler then needs to spend time arranging the clients complaints.

This interview shows me how each role is importance according to the organizations priorities. Not all organizations will have the same roles in order of importance as Expresso, it depends on the company and its strategies. The key to a successful organization is to learn to combine the different roles and adapting them toward your own needs. A good communication and a systematic order will help to improve the connection among the different roles.

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