Life of a College Student

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College. It screams freedom. You plan and prepare for months and make decisions that will affect the rest of your life. You pack your room up and move it hundreds of miles from your controlling parents. This is it; freedom at last. No more curfews, no more rules, no more high school “mystery meat” day, and no more boring hometown. No need to worry about money, there’s plenty of it. Your parents are going to help pay for your living expenses and your scholarship and loan will get you through the tuition and fees. Everything will be perfect.

The first week or so after moving into your new territory, be it a dorm or apartment, you realize how uneasy it feels to be away from the familiarities of your life before the move. You start to miss the little things. You wish that the ceiling fan made the same rattling noise that your fan at home made. You wish you were able to here the crickets outside at night instead of noisy neighbors or roommates.

College can be a fun and exciting part of your life. But fun and excitement usually cost money. You have to pay for movie tickets, the late runs to White Castle, snacks, soda, and all the extras you want to decorate your new place with. Money is hard to come by in college. You spend most of your day in classes and if your parents have decided to not give you lots of money, you spend most nights working part-time. Working while attending school is not fun at all. It leaves you with little time to study or get homework done. And the little time you have is usually in the early hours of the morning, depending on how late you stay up. But you have to work in order to buy the things you want and to be able to eat out instead of eating the dorm food.

Another thing college can do to a person is separate them from a boyfriend or girlfriend. Imagine spending every night with a person while you were in high school and then up and leaving one day. Sure there are weekends to spend together, but not when you have to work most weekends. Late night phone conversations are about all that keeps you together. It gets tough being apart from someone you love, and someone who loves you. When you are finally free from working on a weekend, you still spend your time together knowing that when Sunday comes around, it’s back to being alone again. Your partner heads back to the town you once both shared. You spend the week not knowing where your partner is, whom they are with, and what they are doing. And the same goes for your partner. They are unaware of your actions as well. Trust must be present in a relationship for it to survive college.

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In college you are free to make most of your decisions without your parents interfering. But what seem to happen anyway is that you find yourself following your parents’ rules anyway. Sure you stay out late a few times, but you learn quickly that the schoolwork doesn’t get done and you end up earning bad grades, just like your mother said you would. So you really aren’t free at all. You just have to listen to a different type of discipline now, your own. You have to be the boss of yourself in college. If you are unable to accomplish this task, you will probably end up dropping out of college. While on the other hand if you do accomplish this, you will most likely succeed.

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