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John Harding’s decided to start a new play about the lost children as this topic was emerging as one of the most important and painful issues in the Australian community. Common in the human history, cultures due to racial superiority try to overcome the others and be the leaders. In this context, the white community in Australia undertook a policy to remove the aboriginal culture by assimilating the aboriginal with the white. Thus, the aboriginal children (as they are young and easy to model) were taken from their parent and placed in a special house. There they would have contact with the white people so that they would forget about their culture and also change their skin color (in generations their black skin will be vanished).

Therefore this play was formed to alert, inform and create a dialogue about the tragedy and suffering of the Aboriginal community.

The play talks about the life of five Aboriginal children, two males and three females, who are removed from their families against their will. These innocent representatives of the stolen generation are raised in an authoritarian children’s home devoid of their own cultural traditions.

Initially the title for the play was ‘Lost Children” but then it was replaced by “Stolen” as the community decided the children who were taken were not “lost” they were “stolen”.


Indubitably, and among others, lost and identity are two of the themes if this play. If wee look in the dictionary the definition of

Loss it says the state of no loner having something or as much of something. The process that leads to this,

Death of a person;

Disadvantage that is caused when someday leaves or when a useful or valuable object is taken away; a person who causes a disadvantage by leaving;

Identity is who or what somebody/ something is;

The characteristics, feelings or beliefs that distinguish people from others.

Clearly we can find this definitions in the play.

Next, my fellows are going to discuss the way loss and identity are portrayed in the characters Sandy, Anne and Rubby. Each of the characters represents a group of persons that actually lived these experiences. Not all stolen children experienced or suffered the assimilation policy in the same way. Therefore Sandy, Anne and Rubby represent a crescent order of inner destruction from a relative possible life to a madness and suicide.


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