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Nicholas Olsen

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

The main message or idea of the film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ I think is the ways in which people can either use their powers in a good way or the ways in which people can abuse their powers. There are several people in the film, which use and abuse their powers. I think that it is easy to work out the message as there are a lot of scenes with people using and abusing powers and the scenes in which people are doing this there easy to analyse. People like this, as they don’t have to think too much about what’s going on.

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The people that use and abuse their powers in this film are Gilbert, he use it positively in the scene where he gets Arnie down from the water tower, he abuses it by doing things such as leaving Arnie in the bath and by hitting him, the Mother use power to do good by getting arnie out of jail and choosing to risk her life to set the kids free, she abuse it by using her size to get what she wants, and it is shown in sexual relationships in a positive way between Gilbert and Becky, and in a negative way between Gilbert and Mrs Carver.

The scene that Gilbert gets Arnie down from the water tower starts off with a long shot of the water tower, the camera then zooms in and you can see a little object on the tower, which is Arnie. It starts off like that to emphasise the height of the tower. You then see Gilbert arrive at the tower where a small group of on lookers have gathered. The police are trying to get Arnie down by talking to him but he won’t come down. Arnie starts making noises to attract attention. Gilbert then tries to get him down just by talking to him but it doesn’t work. There are then some more long shots and shots looking down from the tower, once again just to emphasise the height of the tower. Arnie is then hanging off and saying ‘I’m not going to fall’, his shoe then falls off, this is done to build the suspense. Gilbert knows the only way to get him down is to humiliate himself, he sings “match in the gas tank boom boom”, and this gets arnie down from the tower. Even though there is a little crowd gathered the people tend to not seem to care much. Gilbert tells the police this wont happen again, then Arnie says “this wont happen again” but straight after he says I want to go back up there. This shows he doesn’t understand what he’s doing. A kid then hits Arnie but Gilbert protects him.

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