George W. Bush

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The book I read is a biography on George W. Bush, written by John F. Wukovits. George made many contributions to society in his life. He wanted to do something different in business to prove himself. He sold his oil company in order to purchase the Texas Rangers baseball club. He enjoyed great success as president of the club. In 14 he turned his eye toward politics again. He entered the Texas governor race against the incumbent, Ann Richards. George ran on a platform of improving education. His campaign was successful as he was elected by a margin of 5,000 votes. He started the Texas Reading Initiative, a program devised to develop reading proficiency in every student by third grade. In 1 George decided to serve the people of this great nation by running for the office of President of the United States.

George was born in New Haven, Connecticut on July 6, 146. He attended the Phillips Academy in Andover, Maine as a high school student. During his time at Phillips, George was elected senior class president and captain of the baseball team. In 164, he began his studies at Yale University. He joined the same fraternity that his father belonged to, Delta Kappa Epsilon, and was elected president. After graduation he was faced with the decision to enlist in the military. Many of his classmates were opposed to the Vietnam War. George showed great courage and conviction by enlisting in the Texas Air National Guard.

The Air National Guard was the right place for a person with great physical attributes like George. His athletic background helped him to become a fighter pilot. His common sense and ambition overcame his low pilot aptitude test scores. The Guard chose George to be featured in their recruiting campaign.

There were several setbacks in addition to his achievements in life. His sister Robin died of leukemia when George was seven years old. He helped his family with this loss by providing humor during this tragic time. As a result he developed a stronger bond with his mother, Barbara. Later in life George had an alcohol problem. One evening he wrecked his car outside of his fathers house. His father challenged him to overcome his problem.

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“Did I behave irresponsibly as a kid at times? Sure did,” said George. He began working with youth groups in the Washington D.C. area to put focus into his life. A meeting with the Reverend Billy Graham was the turning point in his life in achieving sobriety. His new focus in life eventually led him to run for the office of President in 1.

The biography also stated many other interesting facts about George W. Bush. George Bush is of the Methodist faith. George was married to Laura Welch on November 5, 177. Laura Bush gave birth to their twin daughters Jenna and Barbara on November 5, 181. George like his father, a member of the Republican Party, was turned down for law school. In 181 his father became Vice President of the United States. In 188, George’s father was elected President of the United States. George is the grandson of former United States Senator Prescott Bush. George’s younger brother Jeb is the Florida sate governor. George Bush was the only governor of Texas to serve two four year terms.

In conclusion, this book was written to emphasize the contributions, accomplishments, and deeds that brought fame to George W. Bush. It also showed how he influenced modern life. I learned that President Bush has strong values. He is an accomplished man and I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to know more about our forty-third President.

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