Battle of the Buldge

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There are several types of weight-loss programs available to the overweight population. Choosing the appropriate diet can be a challenge. There are self-help programs, online programs, clinical programs, group programs, and weight-training programs, just to name a few. There are as many differences in these weight-loss programs as there are similarities. The ultimate choice is completely up to you. One has to find what works for them and their current lifestyle. Lifestyles can involve choices that you make in order to lead a healthier more fulfilled life. Making the step towards a healthier lifestyle is a commitment that can only come from within.

Battling the Bulge and making it a Lifestyle

Welcome to the new millennium! Since the battle of the bulge is still on the rise, so is the search for the latest and greatest fad diets! All of us are asking ourselves the same questions. What diet will work for me? How can I loose weight and keep it off? What is considered a healthy and safe way to lose weight? I chose this topic as my personal interest, because I too had these questions, and I wanted answers fast! I wanted to lose weight because I was tired of seeing an unhappy person in the mirror every day. Thus, I took control, joined Weight Watchers, and I am . pounds lighter, and I feel great!

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“A diet is a regulated selection of foods, as for medical reasons or cosmetic weight loss.” (http//www.dictionary.com). “A lifestyle is a way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group.” (http//www.dictionary.com). I really wanted to examine the “book” definition of these two words. First of all, a diet is the worst choice someone can make. The first three letters of the word diet is die! Making a lifestyle choice to eat healthy and to lose any excess weight is definitely a much wiser and more effective decision.

The general public tends to be in agreement that dropping a few of those extra pounds would be a benefit towards attaining a healthier and better quality of life. “There is a dizzying array of diets available today, but which ones really work?” (http//www.msnbc.com/news). NBC Dateline currently has a very interesting weight loss test in progress. They took six 178 graduates from Quincy High School and selected six popular diets and put them to the test. These volunteers want to shed some unwanted pounds before their 5th class reunion this fall. The weight loss programs that Dateline chose were, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slim Fast, intense exercise, personal weight loss guru, and hypnosis. I took great interest in this Dateline exclusive, because I am currently experiencing success having been a member of Weight Watchers since April 00.

In order to better understand what these volunteers are experiencing, the following information will give a brief explanation of each of their weight-loss regimens. Weight Watchers is a diet that uses the points system. All foods are assigned a numerical value depending on the amount of calories, fat grams, and fiber that they contain. Dieters are given a daily range of points and are allowed to eat whatever they want again as long as they stay within their daily point range. They are also encouraged to maintain a moderate exercise program and as an incentive, they earn additional daily food points that they can chose to use. Participants are also encouraged to attend weekly meetings so that they may share their successes and struggles with the others members. Next, Slim Fast is a diet that requires the intake of Slim Fast products and foods. They are allowed to eat one shake or meal bar for breakfast and lunch. Then a sensible dinner plus three low calorie snacks in between meals. They also recommend 0 minutes of exercise a day. One of the most popular diets available now is, The Atkins Diet. This is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate plan that also encourages dieters to avoid sugar, breads, pasta, cereal and starchy vegetables. Another program is the extreme exercise program. It is a replica of a military boot camp. This program involves long, usually grueling workouts to lose weight and achieve optimum fitness levels. The next program is hypnosis. This one imprints new patterns on the subconscious mind. It helps the dieter break themselves out of their old routines. And finally, there is the Jorge Cruise weight-loss program. Mr. Cruise is a diet coach who offers a three-step weight loss program online. The program requires participants first to make a decision to lose weight, second, follow a daily exercise routine, and third to include more omega fats in their diet to help decrease their appetite.

After six months, Dateline checked in on their progress. Each one of these individuals had lost at least half of their ultimate goal. Success! A grand total of 00 pounds had been shed before their high school reunion and they have four more months before their big day. This is a very inspiring story for anyone who is contemplating whether or not he or she should take control of his or her weight problem. I truly believe that if an individual wants to make the commitment to lose weight, he or she can do it. The motivation comes from within each one of us. It did not take eating pounds of broccoli to get myself overweight and unhappy. It took an array of unhealthy food choices, bad habits, no exercise, and lack of self-discipline to control my portions of food. We all love to eat. However, if you are someone who desires a healthy lifestyle, then the only one who can change and make that commitment is you.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I have lost a total of . pounds on the Weight Watchers plan. I truly enjoy it. I can eat whatever I want; nothing is taken away from me. There is a diet or lifestyle, as I like to put it, out there for each one of us. I have tried several of the diets Dateline had mentioned, but only one has worked successfully for me. I believe that the biggest key to success in weight loss is you. You are the only one that can make a difference in yourself. “The only difference between FAT and FIT is “I”’. Author unknown (http//weightwatchers.com).

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