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The History of Television

Timothy Shackleford


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6th Period

No single person can be credited with the invention of television, but several people have played key roles in its development. At the end of the 1th century, the idea of the television came about. Televisions began, based on the inventions and discoveries of many men and scientists.

The first generation of televisions was not entirely electronic. The display screen had a small motor with a spinning disc and a neon lamp, which made a blurry reddish-orange picture about half the size of a business card! The period before 15 is called the Mechanical Television Era. This kind of television is not comparible with todays electronic television system. The first working television, was invented by Paul Nipkow in 1884. The pictures were crude shadows.

On January , 16, John Logie Baird gave the world’s first public demonstration of a mechanical television. These were images of human faces, not outlines, but with complete visuals of light and shade.

During the period between 15 and 140, electronic television was made. Several countries began broadcasting with limited numbers of TV-sets available.

World War-II stopped nearly all television broadcasting worldwide.

The time period after World War-II is considered the last and final birth of television. Families had increased savings during the war years, and were excited to buy televisions on the market. The explosion of sets into the American marketplace occurred in 148-14.

In the years 150-15, was an exciting time period for television. In the USA, black & white television exploded onto the scene in the beginning. Then years later came electronic color television, and then came remote controls. Then the public witnessed some styling changes and the introduction of transistorized television.

From the 1th century to the 1st, television has went through many changes, from your ½ inch screen to your 64 inch big screen, or from your console models to your flat screen models you can very easily see how far television has come over the years.


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