Sad Times

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Sad Times

You ask me if, I remember what happen the day of the accident. I pause and take a big gulp. It was a bright day. I can still picture all the students cheering. it was the biggest game of the season, and we were down by six, with only 0 seconds to go.

“Set hike!”, I yelled. My teamates were tumbling like pins in a bowling game, but I saw one guy. It was Stevey McBrian, the worst player on our team. He was running to the touchdown line and I was running out of time. So I passed it. That pass felt like a school day that would never end. Suddenly the crowd got quiet as the ball was flying.

“Beep, Beep!” the alarm beeped.

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“Nice, Max”, you say. “Maybe we can talk more tommorow.”

I just nod.

I go back to my room and look out the window. The parking lot had only one brown car today, but usually at this time they would have atleast three cars. Seems like I have no life in this foresaken hospital. The only enjoyment is T.V. So I turned it on, and flipped to ESPN. Heh, they were talking about me. 18 year old, high school football player loses scholarship, because of an alcohol relative accident. They said I would be one of the greatest, but I doubt that was true because I know people that are ten times better then me. But they werent as smart as me. I was supposed to goto college, but I lost my only way of getting there. And I cant even pay for college because Im unemployed. I couldnt take it anymore so I turned off the television.

It was 1018 and I was late to my meeting with Mr. Persher. So I decided to find someone to help me out. As I was trying to push my way to Mr. Pershers office, a beutiful brown hair girl came out of room 0. She looked like she was in her early twenties. She started to walk toward me. My heart started to beat faster and faster, as she got closer. For one second, I thought I had a heart attack.

“Hi”, I blurted out.

She just smiled.

“Can you do me a favor?”, I asked.

“Sure”, she said with a cheerful voice.

“Can I ask you whats your name?” I asked.

“My name is Mary”, she said.


“Heh, nice name.” I laughed.

“Whats so funny?” Mary asked.

“My Aunt with hair a beard, is named Mary.”I laughed

Heh, this was probally my first laugh after the accident. She started to push my wheel chair faster and faster, after that. I dont remember being so happy after the accident. But all this stopped suddenly. She asked me what happen to my legs!

It was after the big game. My friends, and I had a couple drinks. To tell the truth, probally seven. I remember my best friend telling me not to drive, but I did. After thinking about it, he was like an older brother. He always wanted the best for me. We were planning to look for jobs the next day. But something terrible happened. I broke down in tears, just thinking about it.

“You dont have to talk anymore”, she whispered.

“Thanks” I said softly.

It was 10 when I got to Mr. Pershers office. He looked kind of suprised when I entered the room, but calm too. Just his usual self. Like always he was reading a book.

“Oh, Hi Max, didnt think you would make it” he said.

“Im sorry, next time Ill get here faster” I yelled.

“Whats wrong Max?” Mr. Persher asked.

“I remember the accident.” I whisper

You just smile, like if you were expecting me to tell you everything. But I do tell you.

We were driving down the interstate at 75 miles per hour. I remember the music was loud and rain was louder. It rained really hard that night. The night before the accident I checked the weather channel. They said winds would be blowing forty miles per hour. I promised myself I wasnt going anywhere the next day. If it didnt rain I would of probally never gotten into this accident.

But I suddenly lost control of the car. It mostly became blurry after that. Felt kind of like a roller coaster. The police said I spun five times until stopping. They say Im lucky, but I dont think so.

“Wheres my friends?”, I asked the police.

But all they pointed to was just a couple yellow sheets. When they told me to identify their bodiesI just fell onto the ground and cried. I saw their faces, and thought what would they of been in life. One could of been a great doctor, actor, artist, lawer, and etc. I kept on thinking that the whole night. I was responsible for my friends deaths. At that point I wished I was dead, but court was worse. We had to sit on those hard seats for over 6 hours a day. It felt like I was sitting on some torture chair. The minutes felt like


hours but the hours felt like years. Every time a witness would goto the stand I cried. Even my favorite teacher came. But I was way to embarrased to even look at him. I was supposed to goto college, that was my goal since I started school, and now I lost it.

When the jury said I was guilty, I just paused for a moment. It felt like I died at that moment. Everything felt silent after that. Hearing that I would have to stay in jail for a year made me think. Everything I was going to miss. Just because of my mistake, but seeing my friends mother crying was worse then me going to jail.

Now Im here in this hospital wanting to goto college, and still unemployed.

“I feel so sorry for you” you say.

“I feel sorry too” I whisper.



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