The Manual Milling Machine

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The Ram-type vertical milling machine is the most commonly found in

industry today because of the simplicity of the machine.

Some basic parts of this type of milling machine are the head, ram,

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column, spindle table, knee, and base. The head of the machine holds the motor that

gives the spindle its drive. The head can be tilted to different degrees of an angle both

left to right and front and back. This feature is necessary for milling angles or drilling

holes on an angle. If no angle is needed it is very important that the head be aligned with

the table at a 0 degree angle. If the head is tilted on an angle you can check the angle

you set with a protractor. If the head needs to be vertical with the table you can check its

alignment with an indicator. You do this by first setting the indicators needle on the.

You need to check both the right and left side in the x-axis and front and back in the y-

axis. If the indicators reading stays the same the head is aligned. If the needle readings

vary then adjustments need to be made to the head.

The head is attached to the ram. The ram moves the hole head and sindle

in and out int the y-axis. This feature is there to increase the capacity of the machine.

The work being done on the machine is most commonly held in a vice that

gets mounted to the table. Thee x movement of the table are done with the traverse hand

wheel that is located on either end of the table. The y movements are made by turning

the crossfeed hand wheel. The movement of the table is measured in thousandths of an

inch and is shown by dials located in front of the hand wheels. A digital readout option

can be added to the machine. This shows digital numbers of the x and y movements on

an easy to read display screen. The z movement of the machine is done with the vertical

traverse lever. This moves the hole knee and table up and down on the column. The

column has machined surfaces that provide the ways for vertical movement of the knee.

Another way vertical movement is achieved is with the quill feed hand lever. To use this

feature first you must unlock a brake. Then you can move just the spindle up and down

which is most commonly used for drilling and is a lot easier then moving the hole table.

The last basic part of the machine is the base. The base gives the whole machine a sturdy

and secure base so the machine can be operated safely.

All of those components come together to make a simple but very vercital

machine. It has been so accepted in industry because of this and the fact that most

millwork is best done on the vertical-milling machine. There are about six milling

operations that can be performed on a vertical mill. They are face milling, end milling,

keyway cutting, dovetail cutting, T slot cutting, and circular slot cutting. These

operations make up a large percent of the jobs done in industry today. Since the vertical

mill can perform all of them with a fairly quick and easy set-up it makes this machine a

very useful tool in todays industry.

Now you know some basic parts of the manual vertical milling machine

and the operations it can perform which should give you some idea of the importance

this machine has in modern industry.

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