Humanity's Reason for Being

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It was a beautiful day in April 1,00, when the Lord unexpectedly called me to His Presence. I was at the “Pearly Gates” we hear so much about, but it was not Saint Peter that greeted me, it was God Himself. It is God who tells a person if they are accepted or not accepted, no one else does His Work for Him.

Awed by His Presence, yet a feeling of Love and Compassion beyond my comprehension filled my being and calmed me in spite of my situation.

I could not speak, and, indeed, there was no need to speak, as our Father knows what is in our heart before the words are even formed.

“Be at peace, Dan, I have called you for My Reason, and this Reason you will shortly know also. You have been told by your well meaning but confused religions, that at this time you will by judged by Me and you will gain entrance to either Heaven or Hell, but do not worry, for neither is the case.

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“I know you well. You have done by your family as well as any man could have done; totally dedicated to the care of your children and your wife, there is no mark against you. By the standards and understanding of the religions, no one would deny you the right to enter Heaven; no one except ME. My Laws, which you have lived by, were the ones which suited you, were comfortable to you and allowed you to live your life according to your will. You did not overly concern yourself with the situation of other people, the country in which you live, the planet upon which you and your children depend for life, and you did not even think to consider your reason for being beyond taking care of your immediate family.

“Dan, turn around!”

At His Will, I turned and saw the entire Earth and all the people and life supported by Her Body. In the midst of the beautiful planet God gave us, my attention was riveted by the condition of the people. There was little joy in the midst of more anguish than I could imagine. I could feel the suffering of every child and adult; I could feel the confusion in the minds of the people wondering why God has given them a life plagued with so many hurts and sorrows; I saw the Body of the Earth being raped and destroyed by greed and fear.

As this awareness grew in my thoughts, I suddenly realized that what is taking place on the Earth is my responsibility, taking care of my immediate family is not enough! I was horrified that I had let down my larger family of Humanity and not a thought either for the Earth and respect for Her Life.

As I watched the scenes on the Earth unfold, I just knew that I was going to hell and even that would be to good for one such as I; anyone who could allow such things to occur certainly could not gain entrance to Heaven.

“Be at peace, Dan. As I said, there is no heaven or hell as you imagine it. To get into My Heaven, you must bring another; no one gains entrance by themselves. Expand on that and you will understand that all of My Children will enter My Heaven at the same time. The Bible calls it “The Dividing of Times.”

“Now,” and the Voice of God penetrated by being as it had not done before, “be aware that I created you and all of Life. I did not create you to be a pet or a slave; I CREATED YOU TO SERVE ME AND NO OTHER!!! My Prophets and My Son, the Christ have faithfully delivered to you MY LAWS and they are to be obeyed.”

“It is now time for you to return to your loving family, Dan. Now you know to change your ways and tell others what you have learned. You must work for all of My Children, work to understand My Laws and continually work to align your will with MY WILL, for it is MY WILL THAT WILL BE DONE ON EARTH.”

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