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The indictment against Wen-Ho Lee alleges that he gave China highly sensitive information about the innermost secrets of U.S. nuclear weapons. The fact that seven computer tapes that were packed with information of our nuclear weapons made by Dr. Lee, creating an enormous breach in U.S. security. It was absolutely imperative to find the whereabouts of the seven missing tapes, and to determine whether they were in fact passed to a foreign power.

Most of Dr. Lee’s alleged crimes took place in 1 or 14. Also in 17 another passing of sensitive information was, the complete source code for the current version of the Primary weapon design code. This tape is now missing. It is surprising to think that had the F.B.I. requested electronic surveillance against him earlier. The U.S. wouldn’t have had a great loss to the U.S.

The Wen-Ho Lee indictment showed poor computer security practices that were used at the nuclear weapons laboratories. The policies enabled any computer user cleared for access to weapons design information to receive any classified files to an open system without level clearance or supervision.

Currently, Wen-Ho Lee is waiting for his trial in jail. Who knows what the outcome will be.

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Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, convicted of passing nuclear weapons secrets to the Soviet Union, were the first American civilians executed for espionage. Julius earned a degree in electrical engineering and was hired as a civilian employee of the U.S. Army Signal Corps. In 14, Julius and Ethel became full members in the American Communist Party. By 14, however, the Rosenberg’s dropped out to pursue his espionage activities. Early in 145, Rosenberg was fired from his job with the Signal Corps when his past membership in the Communist Party came to light. On June 17, 150, Julius Rosenberg was arrested on suspicion of espionage after having been named by David Greenglass, surprisingly his younger brother.

Ethel Rosenberg was born September 8, 115 in New York City. On August 11, 150, Ethel Rosenberg was also arrested. At trial Ruth Greenglass implicated Ethel in the atomic spy ring by testifying that Ethel had a part in it.

The Rosenberg stoically maintained their innocence throughout the length of the trial and appeals. On June 1, 15, Ethel and Julius were put to death in the electric chair.

Both cases are very comparable and attain the same level of importance and significance. I believe the Rosenberg’s suffered the most because there is a possibility that they had no role in it, but then again they might have. One aspect I believe which possibly made Julius Rosenberg felt remorseful for was his wife was going to be put to death because of him, whether if they were guilty or not.

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