Black Boy

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Richard is not an immature small boy anymore but now he is in the struggles of life and that makes him mature than normal than a boy of his age. As Richard grows older, he becomes conscious of his environment and the racial prejudice existing in his

surroundings. Richard’s sensitive nature rebels against the discrimination of the White people against the blacks.

Richard was free to enjoy life, as his mother worked outside to support them. Richard’s ordered life comes to an end, after his mother’s illness. Now, he is forced to take up employment to support his family. Matters come to a head, when his mother gets a paralytic stroke. Richard finds himself helpless to tackle the situation. Not only that but Richard is now forced into religion much against his wish. His granny, a member of the

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Seventh-day Adventist Church, forces religion on him, with a hope to change him. However, overdose of religion makes Richard hate the church and gives him a negative view. Soon the racist world, religion, hunger, family becomes his enemies. Richard tried to support his family by working but many times he was discriminated and ended up quitting the job. Richard went through so many jobs in short periods of time. I don’t think he is satisfied with his life at this point because there is too many pressure on him and he can’t get out of it. Richard’s sensitive nature rebels against the discrimination of

the White people and his family. I think he acts the way he acts because Richard wants some freedom in his life and the desires that he wants to pursue.

Themes throughout chapter three to chapter six were hunger, racism, rebellion, and religion. Richard feels isolated in the house because of rigid rules, religious discipline and adult company. His granny and Aunt Addie consider him a sinner, as he is more interest in worldly pleasures than in God. Religion comes between Richard and his conscience. It was not only granny or Aunt Addie, who forced him to follow the path of Godliness, but it was his own mother who persuaded him to attend the Sunday school of the Methodist church. They restrict his life with the tenets of Christianity. ‘ No longer set apart for being sinful, I felt that I could breathe again, live again that I had been released from a prison’ (1) This passage shows how Richard is under so much pressure to believe in God and attending to a church and how much he hates to be in there. Another theme was racism. Richard accepts a job in a White woman’s house because he is assured of a decent salary and meals. However, when he is given stale food, he refuses to eat

it. The woman questions him about his education and goal in life and Richard mentions that he wishes to become a writer. “ You’ll never be a writer,” she said. “Who on earth put such ideas into your nigger head?” (147). She insults him by telling that he would never succeed in his mission. Not only is Richard’s pride wounded, but also his identity as a Negro is threatened and again he was discriminated against.

I just thought Richard grew up so rapidly in short time of period. Even though he goes through so much trouble he deals with it and it made me wonder if I were Richard I couldn’t possibly take all that things he took. Those made me respect this character a lot. I think these days’ kids are so spoiled compare to Richard and that we should think about it and try to change because being spoil isn’t good at all.

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