Austiran Empire and Conservatism

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Many nationalists wanted to break from the Austrian Empire. “In Austria, moreover, the struggle took place on the political, rather than the social plane.” In March 1848 Austrian Empire itself seemed on the point of disintegration. During the revolution in Austria, the middle-class of the empire which was the bourgeoisies became disappointed with the Emperor, and this would lead to the discussion of ideas such as Enlightenment Reform and to reduce the amount of Socialism. Due to the cause that the people did not want to receive all the order which the emperor stated, the Introduction of the Doctrine of the Rights of Man was putted. This document contradicted the Emperors right to absolute rule. This document allowed the people of the Austrian Empire to question their form of government, which had fallen into disgrace under the rule of Ferdinand I. As stated before the revolutions were mostly about nationalism; the Rights of Man did not only reach the middle class, it reached the peasant class. This made the Revolution a bigger threat because now the middle-class has the “means” and the peasants had a big amount of people.

In a way the Austrian outbreak consisted of Conservatism, because middle-class was not very happy to have a revolution, they only wanted some slight reforms based on Enlightenment ideas. “When the Empires government did not live up to conservative expectations, the Revolution officially begun.” Then on March 1, a Viennese mob of middle class radicals and students fought with the police and invaded the palace grounds. Metternich resigned and left the country, by March 15 Vienna, like Paris, had its barricades, and on that day the emperor promised a constitution and granted freedom of press. During the revolution of Austria “The acceptance of Russian support would weaken the Empire. Lands were given to Russia and the Empire lost its mystique as an unstoppable power. This would fuel the fall of the Hapsburg monarchy and soon the Austrian Empire itself” .In the Revolution of the Austrian Empire many occurrences occurred, however, the ideas behind them would remain popular and would influence the politics of Austrian territory for a long time; the nationalism was spread.

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