American History

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Ethnic Composition

France is a very mixed country as far as ethnicity. Groups such as Celts, Germans, and Russians have left their mark. A group in north France is the Flemish who speak Dutch. In the west part of France live the Bretons who decent from the Celts. The French Basques live in southwest France. In the Mediterranean part of France, live the French Catalan. They share a language and culture with people of eastern Spain. In eastern France, live the Alsatians, who’s language is of the high German.

Religious Composition

Roman Catholicism is the main religion in France. In fact, more than 80% of France is of this faith. About 5% is Islam and about % is Protestant. 1% claim to be Jewish and 10% say they have no religion.

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Internal Struggles

Unemployment is a huge deal in France. It has increased by 10% over the past year. Another huge deal is a high crime rate among the youth especially. In 4 years, the number of people jailed between ages 1 and 18 tripled. And of course, racism is another big thing in France. There seems to be a high amount of violence done to those of different race or religion.

Recent Wars

France’s most recent war was WW1. In that, we helped them to beat the Germans, Austrian-Hungaries, and the Italian. Other than that though, they have been in other wars that date all the way back to the mid evil times and further. Like the Hundred Years War.

Advantages Of Going To War

If France were to go to war, they would have some advantages. In the north and west parts of France, they could take people on in the plains and in the rivers. In the south and east part of France, they could snipe soldiers down from the mountains.

Disadvantages Of Going To War

The only real disadvantage I see is the weakness of the French army compared to some of the other nations in the world. France would have to be careful on who they choose to attack.

I feel that going to war would only hurt France economically because war costs a lot of money, we are talking millions, maybe even billions of dollars. I don’t think France can afford to go to a major war, unless they are sure they can win it. It is a waste of money, artillery and lives, if you lose the war.

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