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The story “Summer” by David Updike is about a boy who finds his dream girl. But I feel is it also about youth and the freedom that comes with it, especially during the summer months. The story takes place at a lake during the last few weeks of summer near a lake resort. There really isn’t a whole lot of action in the story. Instead the author uses a lot of description, and detail about Sandra, the dream girl.

Homer, the main character is continually watching and admiring Sandra, but he never actually comes out and confesses to her his feelings. But somehow it seems she already knows he is attracted to her. One example is the time Homer was playing tennis with his friend, Frank. Before the winning point of the match she stands up and walks across the court. She stopped half way across the court turns around and calls the dog. The way she walked was described as “swaying”. Apparently it was the kind of sway that makes one ask if they want some fries to go with that shake, because Homer lost the match. Sandra later asks Homer who won and then almost completely ignoring him says, “ I wish I could go sailing.”(7) He notices she sunbathes every day, but never did get any tanner. He had known her all his life and had grown up in the shadow of her beauty she had the hair of a baby the freckles of a child and the sway of motherhood. () He watched her at her job, as she would “stare above the truckers heads.”(1) During the boat rides home he would lean into her hair as it flapped in the wind.

At one point he had his fill of her teasing him. One day they went for a hike with their family. He was following behind her watching her “pale legs” and her “tripping sneakers”(10) So he left her taking off running recklessly down the path, “howling into the woods”(10) trying to release his tension of his attraction. He stopped and waited for her. When she caught up to him she asked “where’ d you go? I thought I’d lost you.”(10)

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The last night in the cabin Homer was sitting at one end of the couch and Sandra was lying at the other end. At one point the dog jumped up on the sofa with them, and when everyone was situated again, she had her foot gently touching the small of his back. After the dog hopped down, her foot stayed there she didn’t move back to her previous position. He moved his hand to the arch of her back, and realized that was as far as it would ever go.

Even though the majority of the story was about Homer and his infatuation with Sandra. It seemed like the story was also caught up in the essence of summer and the freedom of youth that seems to go along with it. We all have gone on a summer vacation and been caught up in the freedom of acting in a youthful manor.

He looked down at the floor and softly said good night. The screen door shut quietly behind him and he went out into the darkness and made his way through the unseen sticks and stones and it was only then tripping drunkenly on a fallen branch, that he realized he had never been able to imagine the moment he distantly longed for. (14)

For the most part that cannot be helped, but that is what summer is all about. “Life of summer went on in the silent knowledge that, with the slow in exorable seepage of an hourglass, it was turning into fall.” (1)

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