Review of the Trade

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Naruto Review

Twelve years ago the 4th Leader of the Hidden Leaf Village sealed a nine-tailed demon fox inside the navel of a newborn child. To speak of this topic in the village was forbidden from that day on. This is the history behind the twelve year old, hyperactive ninja in training named Naruto! The series itself is about Naruto and his fellow classmates facing challenges to becoming high-ranking ninjas. Naruto strives towards becoming the 5th Hokage (leading ninja in this village) so that the villagers will acknowledge his existence. It also shows how Naruto and his partners grow through the battles and encounters they experience. Love, dedication, friendship, and courage are just a few of the themes shown throughout the anime. This anime has some comedy, which balances nicely with the other scenes. The techniques and fight scenes in this anime can be very intense and have a considerable amount of blood and minor swearing. The art style is also done pretty well. The background music is nothing to be thrilled over, but it fits the series well enough. The opening and ending songs are excellent though. Both fit the series well and present the series in a good way. Naruto ranks in at a because it is truly a good ninja anime. There are so few good ones out there and this one definitely ranks at the top. The only real problem with the series is that some fight scenes are drawn out with flashbacks. This can get a little irritating, but it is an enjoyable viewing experience over all. The characters are presented in a way that you get very attached and want to know what happened to them as the series progresses. Seeing Naruto mature makes the viewer almost feel enlightened themselves.

Enter The Matrix Review

I¡¦m a huge fan of the matrix trilogy. When I first heard that there was going to be a matrix game, I wasn¡¦t very exited about it because almost every other game based off a movie has been a total flop. Now that I have the game I think it is a very great game and it was definitely worth my money. If your still skeptical about buying this game check out my review below.

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Gameplay 10/10

Ok where do I start. The gameplay in this game is top notch, there are so many things you can do. Everything that you can do in the movies you can do in the game. You can run across walls, you can slow time down using bullet time(although its called focus in this game) you can shoot in slow motion while doing cartwheels, for the most part you can even dodge bullets¡Ksort of.Another nice thing about this game is that you can choose to play as either ghost or niobe, both of there moves are very similar but they do have some variation, alot of there levels are different also, with the expetion of a few levels that are the same for both characters. Anyway lets get down to it, this game has a fairly deep fighting system, you can choose either to take out enemies with the wide array of guns at your disposal, or you can go on close and use hand to hand combat to take them out. You can take out and put away your guns with a touch of a button, you also shoot with that same button. When you get in close to the enemy your character automatically switches to hand to hand combat. This game has a better fighting system then most fighting games I have played, its amazing. You punch by pressing triangle, kick by pressing Circle and block by pressing square the blocking animation¡¦s are really cool, they actually look realistic so the fights look real, you can combine these buttons for a multitude of devastating combos and attacks, you can also disarm enemies by pressing square, there are several different disarm moves you can do you can also do counter attacks by pressing the block button the exact second that another person is attacking you, these are really effective and they look really cool,counter attacks are a little tricky to pull off but they are worth it. These little things they added are really great and help to make the game more exciting a realistic.You can also utilize a different array of throws also by pressing the punch and kick buttons at the same time. This game is surprisingly challenging, although the challenge level is very enjoyable you must use all your different moves, in order not to get killed. This game does feature a few driving levels to but they are very annoying, so I¡¦m glad there aren¡¦t very many. The focus button is the key to winning this game, with it pressed you become stronger and faster(although you are moving in slow motion) while it is pressed you can cartwheel and do flips in order to dodge incoming bullets, and it is really effective I almost never get hit by bullets while doing this.There is so much more you can do in the game but if I put all of it in this review it would take to long to read it.

Story 8/10

The story is great, the story in this game relates to parts of the story in The Matrix Reloaded. It revolves around niobe and ghost, two of the characters that we didn¡¦t get to see much of in the movie the story is about everything that they did in the movie, this game is a great add on to the movies story it shows you everything that you didn¡¦t get to see in the movie. This game does feature extra hours of cinematic they filmed just for the game, some of the scenes actually come directly from the movies itself. Actually this game probobly has the most interesting story out of all the action games I have played

Graphics 7/10

I am very sorry to say that the graphics in this game aren¡¦t too great , although the characters models are pretty good and the environments were taken straight out of the movie and they look great, the wheels on the cars really annoy me, they look like hexagons is it really that hard to make circular wheels in a game, how hard can that be. The guns look really good also as do the bullets when they are whizzing by you in slow motion they even have that trail effect in the movies although it isn¡¦t as real looking it looks great none the less, and the moves are as fluid as can be expected, but sometime when you hit someone part of the body goes into a wall, its little stuff like that brings this games score down. Also there have been a lot of reported glitches, like freezing, and echo¡¦s in the voices in the cinematic and in some parts even the screen turning all black, I have only experienced one of these glitches and it was very minor, but it does ruin the game a little bit.

Sound /10

The sound is wonderful, when hitting or punching someone it makes that whoosh sound like in the movies, and when you are shooting or getting shot at in slow motion you can hear the bullets going past you. Every gun sounds different also this really helps to add realism to the game. When your driving the car in the very few driving levels it sounds just like a real car. Most of the tunes comes from the movie and they are really great they give you that same adrenaline rush you get when you watch the movie.

Replayability 7/10

This game does feature some nice unlockables and add ons to keep it going for you after you beat it with both characters. The hacking feature was a great idea, and even though there are only 40 hacks that are known as of right now, the producers have promised us that there are actually over 500 hacks, which is amazing, you can hack fmv movies and watch them, character models, guns. You can even hack into the matrix and drop weapons in levels and even put cheats in. Even the story is good enough for a few replays. And the challenge of trying to kill agent smith and his multiple clones is always a good thing.

In closing, I want to say that every matrix fan should have this game most definitely this game is also great for videogame fans everywhere this game is great, although be careful a lot of people have reported multiple glitches(which i stated earlier in my review) with there games, all of them from the ps version which I have and have only experienced minor glitches.

Mazda Rx-8 Review

Mazda revives the rotary engine in a new sports car the company promotes as the spiritual successor to its famous RX-7. The RX-7, last offered in 15, was a -seat, -dr model, but the RX-8 is a unique 4-seat, 4-dr sports car. Its about 5 inches longer than the -seat Nissan 50Z, and features a -passenger rear seat and two small, rear-hinged doors behind the front doors. The rear doors do not open or close independently of the fronts. Conventional engines use pistons that move up and down in cylinders. The rotary engine uses triangular-shaped rotors that spin inside oval-shaped housings. The RX-8s twin-rotor engine displaces 1. liters and has 07 hp when teamed with a 4-speed automatic transmission, 47 hp when linked with a 6-speed manual. The automatic includes a manual-shift mode using either steering-wheel paddles or the shift lever. Manual-transmission RX-8s come with 18-inch wheels, stiffer sport-tuned suspension, and a limited-slip differential. Optional for automatic-transmission models is a Sport Package, which replaces their standard 16-inch wheels with 18s and adds the stiffer suspension. Antilock 4-wheel disc brakes, front side airbags, and head-protecting curtain side airbags are standard on all RX-8s. Options include leather upholstery, heated seats and mirrors, antiskid system with traction control, and navigation system. This evaluation is based on preview test drives. RX-8 is just hitting the streets, so only detail changes should occur in the next - years. But remembering that the last RX-7 had twin turbochargers, dont be surprised if RX-8 goes turbo at some point. This is strictly a guess, but we understand the new Renesis rotary is amenable to turbocharging. All that needs to happen is for parent Ford to allocate funds and for Mazda to deliver a turbo option at a reasonable price, admittedly not an easy task. Well go out on another limb and predict that Mazda will eventually offer a heftier automatic transmission, perhaps a 5- or 6-speed unit, so buyers who choose that option will get the same power as the shift-it-yourself crowd.

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