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Thorton Wilder’s play Our Town is about a typical lifestyle of a small town life. In the story he links the similarities of two families, the Webb and Gibbs family. Wilder wrote the play in way to show people that even the smallest events in our daily life has great values. This paper will gives examples of how Wilder showed values in regular events but first we must justified what small events are. The smallest events in daily life is really in the eye of the person examining the event, for example a promotion to one person can be a milestone that persons life while to somebody else it is just everyday events that takes place over time. So small events are actually equivalent to a milestone depending on a persons opinion.

The first example to be brought up is when Dr. Gibbs talk with Joe Crowell Jr. �fine doc I never think about it at all. Only like you said, it always tells me when it’s going to rain. said Joe �What’s it telling you today? Going’ to rain? said Dr.Gibbs �No, sir” saids Joe ….. �knee ever make a mistake?” ask Dr. Gibbs �No sir” replied Joe. This is a daily conversation which is the smallest event in daily life. The values it holds is this boy at first never being wrong about the weather end up never being wrong and graduates head of every class he takes. This conversation is the foundation of the Joe which is now a paper boy that becomes a smart guy and later just dies at war. This conversation will be important to Dr. Gibbs later because he knew this boy who died in war. To Joe Crowell after he dies he will remember the times when he studied to be a waste and remember the conversation when he enjoyed life.

Another example in which Wilder shows value in daily event is When George and Emily talk to each other from their windows. �Yeah Emily, what do you think? We might work out a kinda telegraph from your window to mine; and once in a while your could give me a kinda hint or two about one of those algebra problems. I don’t mean the answers, Emily of course not…. Just some little hint…. Said George �Oh I think hints are allowed…. George you whistle to me and …. Emily replied. This conversation is ordinary but has values to what will happen in the future. When George ask if he can ask Emily for help on homework, it serve as a reason for George to chat with Emily regularly and so they got the chance to know each other, then love each other and eventually gets marry.

Small event are gateways to important milestones in life.

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The next example is when George invites Emily for an ice cream. This event holds value because this is the time period in which Emily started not to like George because of his time is being spent in baseball. They have ice cream and talk it about the fault of George and college. When they talk he decides not to go to college because of Emily, so when George invites Emily for ice cream it was like fixing all the problems Emily had about George and it kept George from leaving for college in the future.

The last example Wilder shows value in daily event is when George is Mrs. Gibbs talk about him getting married and how George will always visit her on Thursday night. This has great value, in the future the family will spend time on Thursdays and so the family bond will stay strong and they will always take care of each other.

There that was the four example that I found to show how Wilder succeeds in his attempt to show value of daily life.

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