my philosohy in life

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my dog cat mouse horse letters . ilove you jonathan your the one that i have been dreaming of, iloveyou so much pls marry me. i want to make love with you house, park, school meaning. love sad, happy shit, coward, freak, beautiful, ugly, angry mongoloid, hydrocephalic, philosophy, science, math, algebra, social, fundamentalos of bilogyLong ago in Hrothgars Danish kingdom lived a gruesome monster-giant named Grendel, who nightly roamed the countryside. Rising from his marshy home, he would stalk to the Kings high hall, and there devour fifteen of Hrothgars sleeping warriors. Then, before departing, the monster would seize fifteen more men with his huge arms and bear them back to his watery lair. For twelve years the slaughter continued.

Word of this terror spread across the sea to the land of the Geats, ruled by Hygelac. Beowulf, Hygelacs principal advisor and warrior and a man of great strength and courage, heard the tale of Grendels murderous attacks. Straightway, he set sail to free the Danes from the demons depredations.

In Denmark, a coast-watcher met the weary company of fifteen seafarers. Learning of Beowulfs intended mission, he permitted the Danes to pass.


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The Danish Hero Unferth unjustly criticizes Beowulf.

Beowulf meets Grendel in single combat and kills him.

After the feast, then Danish warrior Unferth, who had earned considerable honor among his own folk, sat at the feet of King Hrothgar. Unferth’s heart burned with shame and anger that Beowulf, the bold, brave seafarer, had traveled uninvited to his land in order to slay the monstrous giant that Unferth himself was afraid to meet in the battle. Unferth unlocked a hoard of words revealing his hidden anger.

“Are you that Beowulf,” he began, “who foolishly boastful, rempted the waves and risked your life, striving against Breca in a swimming match on the broad billows of witer’s swollen sea waters? I heard tell that no man, loved or loathed, coul dissuade you from dangerous desire. You swam in the grip of the waters for seven nights. Breca, being stronger than you are, surpassed you in swimming. The morning tide then carried him near his folk, his home, his walled town, and his treasure.”

if you decide to spend a night in this best of buildings waiting for Grendel,” Unferth concluded, “ I foresee a harder match and a worse faith for you, strong though you are in the struggle of battle.

Beowulf replied. “Unferth, my friend, your mind id muddled with

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