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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart was famous for writing beautiful music. He learned to play the piano, the violin, and write music since he was four. He has made some magnificent pieces when he was young and when he was old. He was born a musical genius. Mozart was important because he wrote the best music anyone had ever heard before. He played for royalty, in bars, and to well known musicians. He is different from other musicians because he was famous since he was four. He was one of the greatest composers in the world. Also, he was most known by people everywhere.

Mozart was born on January 7, 1756 in the town of Salzburg located in the Austrian mountains. He had a mom Anna Maria, a dad Leopold (who was a famous violinist), and an older sister Marianne (who was a musical genius too). Mozart’s full name was Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophillus Amadeus Mozart. Sometimes they added a couple more names to it. Most people called him Wolferl for short. He got interested in music when his older sister played the piano. After her lessons little Mozart would start playing all by himself. He loved the sounds of the notes. When he was four his father taught him how to play the piano. He could write music before he could write words. Also, he wrote a piano solo at the age of five. It sounds very good.

Mozart only wrote classical music. It sounds delightful and peppy. Actually, it sounds like a party happening on the Titanic. It is sometimes fast, slow, loud, soft, and full of action. Some songs sound like an opera or an orchestra playing. Some of the famous pieces he wrote were Allegro, Aperto, Adagio, and Rondo. Mostly all of his music was famous.

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Mozart was married to Constanze Weber. She was just like Mozart in many ways. He loved her so much. They had six children, but sadly only two lived to adulthood. He sometimes had problems like spending money too quickly and always in debt. Also, he was always ill some people didn’t know if he would live. He died from kidney failure and malnutrition. He was writing a piece that a mysterious man in a black cloak told him to write. It was a sad lonely song. It sounded like it was his burial music. Yet he didn’t quite finish it. The date was December 5, 171. He was only 5 years old.

I think Mozart was a great composer. He was one of the best in the world. I admire his non- stop hard working days. He only got four hours of sleep a night the rest of the day he spent all his time writing the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever heard. And I’m not a classical music lover either. How could an ill man write such happy songs? I think he deserves to live and see how much deep down we like his music.

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