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Being a Mom is not easy. You have to go through being pregnant for nine months. Having to go to doctor appointments every month, posibily more often. Going through the hard labor of bringing you into the world. Then, you have to decide what doctor you are going to trust with your bundle of joy, whether to breast feed or formula feed. Leading up to being up every two to four hours for late night feedings, depending on what kind of feeding you are doing. Next, you have to be the everything from that point on. Just to list a few, you have to be the doctor / nurse to fix cuts, burns, scraps, and bumps on the head. You have to be the teacher to teach the valuable things in life. You have to be the coach to coach you in the things that you do. You have to be a cheerleader to cheer and support the decisons that the childern make. We have to put up with and love the future boyfriends and girlfriends that you bring home for us to meet. Last we have to watch you grow up and move out. Being a Mom is not easy to watch a child move out posibily making mistakes, but it is such an easy moment to watch a child create his/her own life. andkl andfkljsadlf adfljkskdfjs ajdflkjsdlfk andkjfsdlkfj aljdfjsadlkfj ldsjflk sdajflalsdjf sldkfj sdkljf sadlfj aldjflksajdflksadf lsaj kjsdafklsadjflajf;l adsjlfjlsdkjfklsadjflasdf lkj asdfljsad lfjslkdjlk;j aljdfklasjdfl sdfj jkadfjlksadjfosd aldjflskdjf sld ajfds lfjal fadsjljfsad fjadlfjaslfj adsfjsladfj adfljlasdfjsalkja dsf lsdf sadf

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