The great gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

Many people end up disillusioned by the American Dream because of its illusions of hope and prospect of success for the unfortunate. Material prosperity only destroys the true essence of life such as loving and caring for each other rather than indulging in wealth and fame. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, provided a portrayal of the meaningless and empty lives of Tom and Gatsby due to their misinterpretations success versus happiness. Unlike Tom and Gatsby, Nick had a clear view of whom and what he wanted to be which gave him a goal and purpose in life. Tom and Gatsby, on the other hand, were blinded by their material perceptions that they ended up leading foolish lives where neither of them are happy. Nick appeared to be more admirable than Tom and Gatsby because he was honest, possessed good morals, had a clear purpose in life, and was not into material wealth.

Nicks good principles and honesty made him more admirable than Tom and Gatsby because he did not strive to be something that he was not. Nick was a man who prides himself; therefore he did not need to impress anyone. He believed that he was the most honest person he has ever met, which proved that he was very self-assured. It even meant that he stayed true to himself and was a man with integrity. Nick was open-minded and had high tolerance. He was taught by his father to reserve judgments because others might not have had the same advantages that he had. Tom, on the other hand, was narrow-minded which made him a racist, because he believed that white people should stand up before other races take over. Tom had no morals and was a liar, because he cheated on his wife, abused, and disrespected his mistress. Nicks honest qualities made him more honorable than Gatsby too, because he did not lie about his past or attempt to hide behind a fa├žade to impress anyone. For this reason, Nick was more worthy of respect than Gatsby due to his dishonesty regarding his past by exaggerating on his rich background. Gatsby illegally obtained his riches and wealth, yet he did not care due to his eagerness to impress others. It was evident that Nick was more admirable than Tom and Gatsby because he was truthful and had high principles.

Besides from being honest and having good morals that made Nick more admirable, he has purpose and planning in his life which is in contrast to the aimlessness and drifting of Tom and Gatsby. Nick was a part of a semi-aristocratic family. He attended Yale University and moved to Long islands West Egg to establish himself in the bond Business. Unlike Tom and Gatsby, Nick has a career, he read a lot of books, and always work towards self-rejuvenation. He also wants to become a well-rounded man and be true to the words of his father and be open to new things. But Tom was not at all like Nick. Tom had a wife, a kid, and a family to take care of but he totally ignored it all and goes to engage in an affair with another woman. Although he had unlimited money, he is not happy. Tom and his wife only stayed together because they wanted to keep reputation and wealth when neither of them loved each other. Gatsby had hopes and goals but they were unrealistic. His dream to impress his lover, Daisy, by amassing great wealth, driving a fancy car, and buying a prestigious home was considered a pathetic goal. He put all his energy into an impossible dream that was later destroyed by reality. Fitzgerald writes “[Gatsby] stretched out his arms toward the greenlight, and far as I was from him, I could have sworn he was trembling” (Fitzgerald 1). The green light served as a driving force for Gatsby to win daisy back. But Gatsby should have known that money alone cannot “buy” Daisy because she would have never left her rich husband. Gatsby prove to be very weak because after he has won Daisy’s heart Gatsby admits that he no longer has a goal or purpose in life. Fitzgerald writes “[Gatsby] wanted to recover something, some idea of himself perhaps, that had gone into loving Daisy. His life had been confused and disordered since then, but if he could once return to a certain starting place and go over it all slowly, he could find out what that thing was”(Fitzgerald 111-11). Fitzgerald implied that the only time Gatsby felt happy was when he was pursuing his dream. This shows how Gatsby was never really true to himself rather spent most of his life trying to impress someone else. It was only Nick that had a clear view of what he wanted to do with his life which made him more admirable than Tom and Gatsby.

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Nick had a clear purpose in his life and was content with it. He did not value material wealth as much as Tom and Gatsby did which made him more admirable than them. Both Tom and Gatsby were unable to see how money corrupted people because they believed that wealth meant happiness. Tom was only interested in drinking and having fun or engaging in a sexual relationship another woman. He was so rich that he had a lot of time on his hand to develop these intolerable behaviors. Tom did not know about responsibilities because he had never really had to work hard since he inherited all his wealth from his parents. He is born to wealth and class but has no capacity to truly love because money overpowers everything. Like Tom, Gatsby yearns for material wealth as well and works to build his status through illegal acts. Gatsby was never satisfied with his true identity so ever since he was seventeen he sought to change that image not knowing that there were more valuable things in life than money. Gatsby throws elaborate parties in which he doesn’t participate, create impressive library filled with real books that are never opened or read in order to show off his success. Gatsby needed the validation from other people in order to be happy. Both Tom and Gatsby believed that you needed wealth and status in order to be respected or to be happy. Nick, on the other handed, was a well-to-do man. He did not need anyone to validate his success. He had a career, he works hard at Probity Trust, and studies books on investments and securities; unlike Gatsby who never opens a book in his library and Tom who bounces back and forth with no real direction in life. Nick is more admirable than Tom and Gatsby because he does not have misconceptions of wealth and happiness.

Its obvious to see that money corrupts everything even people like Gatsby who wanted to be rich for someone else. And how money makes people lose all their good human qualities and become meaningless beings who are depraved of love and care. Nick was the only person who was not stripped of his humanity because he remained honest and caring. And because he had a purpose in life and knew that there were more important things in life then material possessions.

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