Aurora Analysis

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The subject my partner and I choose to examine was a male with brown hair and eyes, who was of average height and a bit heavyset. He was sitting up, not hunched over, but did not have great posture. He was wearing conservative clothing including a gray Yankees T-shirt, blue shorts with white stripes made of a light material, long socks, and New Balance sneakers. This young man wore glasses.

Based on my observations toward the beginning of the period, I deducted that this boy was somewhat bored and seemed a bit self-conscious. This is because he tended to stare into space. He had an arm up with his elbow on the table and his hand by his mouth, grinding his teeth and biting his nail. When he went up to get juice from the vending machine, he fidgeted with the bottom of his T-Shirt and on it a bit. When he got to the machine, he turned around and sat down again. This was around the time between noon and ten after twelve.

As the lunch period went on, he seemed as if he was trying to fit in with the people at his table. He was listening intently to conversations with people across from him and then would talk to them using exaggerated hand movements. He laughed often at this point and appeared to be having more fun. This story telling and laughing went on for about five minutes, making it about 115.

For the last five minutes of the period, he got fidgety once again. He fixed he shirt, scratched his head, and adjusted himself in his chair. He smiled a few more times at the people across from him and looked around. He seemed more anxious to leave and still unsure of himself at this point. The bell rang and he stood up, adjusted his clothing, and walked out, looking around and pulling on the bottom of his shirt.

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I found this exercise to be fairly simple to execute, because I could watch the subject without making it obvious that I was doing so. I enjoyed evaluating his actions afterwards, though I would have liked for our subject to be a bit more exciting. My partner and I did not have different observations. She picked up on several motions and gestures I missed and vice versa, but we evaluated his behavior and came up with very similar conclusions. If I were to interview this young man at a later time I would ask him questions such as Who do you sit with at lunch? Are these people close friends or merely acquaintances? How do you like school? The answers to these questions would give me insight to determine how he was truly feeling during that lunch period. This tool could help Aurora solve her dilemma in that a psychologist could utilize this tool to view her in her natural environment to better understand her dynamics and her ways of thinking. This could assist the psychologist in making an analysis of Aurora and her predicament and he or she could better help her to overcome this problem.


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