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Two killed in crash with unlicensed driver


On Wednesday the 7th, a van hit a motorcycle killing the two on the motorcycle. The driver of the van didn’t even have a license. The police said it was because she failed to satisfy a non-Iowa citation. She didn’t even have auto insurance. The crash happened early in the morning at East Euclid Ave. and East 1st St. Esther Elaine Danilson (the driver) pulled out to make a left turn and pulled out in front of the motorcycle. The motorcycle had no chance to swerve and hit the van. Melvin Weir and Sharon Goodwater were the two on the motorcycle that passed away.

Motorcycle fatalities have been increasing since 16 when there was a record low 16 deaths. Each year has increased since. The police were just about to follow through on a sting operation that day on unlicensed drivers. The operation was to take place that morning at Polk County Courthouse where many unlicensed drivers who have just been admonished drive home from the hearing. The operation has been rescheduled.

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I think the sting operation would have been a great idea. If there were 15,57 drivers caught with a license and 4,000 more that let there drivers license expire that is just way too high of a number. Nobody would feel safe driving around Des Moines. These numbers only reflect those caught. There could be thousands more who have just been lucky until now. There are only .1 million licensed drivers in the entire state of Iowa.

There needs to be stricter fines or penalties to unlicensed drivers to scare them away from thinking they could get away with it. There are some people out there that simply should not be driving, but have no respect for the law and don’t care if they’re breaking it or not. They will drive until they get caught and some will drive even after they get caught. Something has to be done and the sting operation that morning would have been the thing to do. That would’ve been highly successful and could’ve deterred other drivers from trying to drive without a license as well.

The fact that the numbers of motorcycle fatalities are so high is also a big problem. I’m not completely sure how there would be a solution to this problem. The only partial solution I could think of is somehow incorporating it into drivers ed or the test taken before a license is issued out. The only thing they do to stop this in driver’s ed now is showing us a video about how motorcyclists are harder to see than full-size cars. This is not nearly enough. They show figure out some sort of situation to simulate motorcycle confrontations in the actual driving tests. This would be the only way to really prepare us. Both the problem of unlicensed drivers and motorcycle accidents need to be addressed and I feel the first one is on the way to progress.

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