"My Angel"

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I just sat there in the dark and empty parking lot with tears streaming down my hot face. My heart was shattered like a glass bottle dropped on a hard cement ground. I had always trusted Jeremy to be faithful.

As I sat there I began to cry harder as I peeled away. The only words that I managed to get out of my quivering mouth were, “ I HATE YOU!” No matter how bad I wanted to believe what I said was true, I knew it wasn’t.

As I walked into my house that night, tears still filling my eyes, my heart sank even deeper as I knew I had to tell my parents what had happened and admit to them that they were right about him all along. They sat there on my bed with me, assuring me it was going to be okay and that I didn’t need a loser like him anyway. In my mind all I could do was question and ask myself what I did or didn’t do? Why wasn’t I good enough? What’s wrong with me? That night I cried myself to sleep. I was lost and very confused. What was I going to do?

For many months after that, I had a few ups and many many downs with Jeremy. Throughout this difficult time I dated a lot of guys to try and fill the void but none of them seemed to compare to Jeremy. I was so madly in love with this monster and no one compared to him in my eyes until God sent me a angel from above.

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I had finally given up on guys completely, so me and a bunch of my girlfriends decided to have a girls night out and go to “Guitars and Cadillacs,” a dance club in Omaha, and dance the night away.

As we walked into the club we noticed that there were only about fifteen people in the whole place. We decided to make the best of it though and have a good time anyway. As we were dancing, two Fremont guys, a couple of my friends knew, started break dancing on the dance floor and they were awesome! I couldn’t help but check one of them out! As the night went on, they started to dance with us. Finally, during the last song, the really cute one I was eyeing all night, started to dance with me! I was so nervous my heart was racing! At the end of the song we somehow ended up holding hands and before he left he asked my for my phone number. I could barely get it out because I was so shocked he asked for it and I didn’t think he even knew my name, but I finally managed to get the seven digits out. I didn’t think he would call but I had a little hope left in my battered heart.

He finally called two days later and we’ve been inseparateable ever since. I am happier now then I have ever been and he has changed my outlook, not only on life but on myself as well. He has given me more confidence in myself and has made me realize I should never settle for less then the best. I know now that I deserve someone as great as him, who treats me not only with respect but shows me how much he really loves me everyday. He has given me love, hope, and most of all happiness.

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