Analyzing Macbeth's Play

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I think that the few Acts that I read from ?Macbeth? are very sad and have a lot of suspense and conflict. That is why my ten songs highlight the already mentioned characteristics of the story.

Act I demonstrates the concepts of appearances versus reality it also has a lot of conflict, suspense, and mystery. In this Act Macbeth discovers his dark side, because he and Lady Macbeth are planning to kill the king so Macbeth can take his place. I think that Act I is the one that has more suspense because no body really knows if Macbeth is going to commit the crime. ?Alone, Macbeth begins to have second thoughts about his murderous plan.? This quote makes it even more mysterious for the reader, which is why I think that this Act has a lot of suspense. In my CD, I selected these two songs ?Suicide? and ?I do it for you.? to highlight the concept of evil.

Act II is a little sadder that Act I because Macbeth had the chance of not committing the murder but he did, he committed the murder, ?Suddenly a dazed and terrified Macbeth enters, carrying the bloody daggers that he used to murder Duncan.? and now he is feeling guiltiness. ?He imagines a voice that warns Macbeth shall sleep no more and is too afraid to return to the scene of the crime.? For these reasons, I selected these two songs. ?You got it bad? and ?I am walking away.?

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Act III has a lot of mystery and confusedness since the witches told Macbeth that Banquo?s sons would be kings. Macbeth persuades two murderers to kill Banquo and his son. Therefore, that shows that Macbeth is really an evil person. Because of that, I chose these two songs; ?I?ll go with you? and ?Addictive,? which reveal the evilness and the mysteries of this Act.

Act IV is one of the most interesting Acts because Macbeth meets with the three witches demanding them to tell him his future, the witches raise three apparitions. The first , an armed head, next a bloody child ,the third apparition tells him that he will never be defeated until the trees of Birnam Wood move toward his castle. After all this, Macbeth now feels confident, but at the end, everything will go bad. For this Act, I selected the following songs ?All my life? and ?Nothing,? which reveal all the mystery and anger of Macbeth.

Act V is one of the saddest Acts because all of the things that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth did to gain power are now all gone; now they are both dead. Lady Macbeth is starting to hallucinate ?Lady Macbeth appears to be washing imagined blood from her hands.? Macbeth is going crazy his soul has been stolen, he is killed internally.? While Macbeth prepares for battle, the doctor reports that he cannot cure Lady Macbeth, whose illness is mental, not physical.? his wife, Lady Macbeth, is now dead and he is all alone, then he discovers that Birnam Wood seems to be moving toward the castle, Macbeth is now fearing that the prophecies have deceived him. ?He decides to leave the castle to fight and die on the battlefield.? In my CD I chose there two songs to highlight the sadness of this Act ?I will always love you? and ?unbreak my heart.?

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