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Last week, I couldn’t believe that Shannon (my friend) called me “lazy because I used the Internet to research my history (king Arthur) paper instead of going to the library as “normal” people like to do. Then, when she received a better grade on the research essay that Dr. Smith had assigned, I decided that she might be right; perhaps I was lazy. If she got a better grade, then the library must have something to offer. So on my last history paper, I went to the library. Call me “lazy any day, but I will never use the library again! After that paper, Ive come to realize that good grade or not, researching on the Internet will always be the better choice. Most students will agree with me when I say that the Internet is preferable because of its convenience, organization, and accessibility.

I woke up Saturday at noon and headed to the nearest library ten minutes from my house. To my amazement, all the books I looked up in the card catalog were not available at that particular branch. The librarian told me to head to the downtown library. I scowled and said, Thats way too far, but I had no choice because I needed research materials. By that time, the sun was high and


beating down on everything. I entered my hot car, complaining to myself the whole way there. As I walked through the doors of the Lincoln Library, I sighed. It is a maze with six floors of shelves. I would have to go on a tedious search for information. I started at the card catalog and wrote down a long list of books about history and where they were located. I had to search four different floors and 5 books for all of my choices, lugging the heavy books with me. Later, at home, when I started writing my works cited page, I could not find the sheet of paper that included all of the information from the card catalog. Sadly, I had to make the long trip back to the library to retrieve the book information for my paper. When I arrived at the library a second time, it was closed! The window read, Library Hours 7 a.m. to p.m. On weekdays, I work every night until 10 p.m. How was I supposed to get the information I needed? I usually write my research papers after I get home from work, staying up until o’clock in the morning. The night before this paper was due, I was struggling to meet the four pages requirement with the little information I found at the library.

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When I finished the poor paper, I collapsed on the bed. The computer across the room called my attention. Like Cheshire cat it was maliciously smirking and saying, You could have used me. The computer was right. Internet researching would have been much more convenient than going to the library. First, I would have saved gas by avoiding the long drive downtown. Moreover, I could have stayed in the comfort of my cool air-conditioned house


instead of running around under the hot sun. If I had stayed home to search the web, there are many search engines such as Yahoo!, AOL Search, and Ask Jeeves. All I would have had to do was type in my topic, history, and the search engine would have given me a list of articles found on the Internet. I would have had a variety of choices written by people all over the world. Plus, I could have saved the web site addresses in a file on the computer to retrieve in the future. I wouldnt have lost information that I would later need. I could have found the same information from the big, book-filled library with a few clicks of my mouse. In addition, by using the Internet, I would have had no restrictions on time. The Internet has no closing hours or holidays. I could have researched anything at any time of the day because articles are available 4/7 on the Internet. I could have worked as I pleased, on my own time, not waiting for the library to open.

As you can see, the old-fashioned way of researching in a library just doesn’t fit my style. Im a modern person who keeps up with the times. New technology is made to better our lives. The Internet is convenient, organized, and accessible. So yes, I am lazy when it comes to finding the better and faster way to research. By the way, I didnt get a lower grade on my last history paper because I researched on the Internet; I got a lower grade because I had a lot of grammar mistakes.

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