the year without michael

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The Year Without Michael

1. The title is The Year Without Michael. .The author issusan Beth Pfeffer. . The themes in the novel are facing challenges with courage, struggling with whats right and wrong, self-discovery, and breaking apart and becoming whole again. 4.Jody Chapman- The oldest child in the Chapman family, she to become a cheerleader her junior year. Turning 16, she struggles with her family problems by being, considerate,, faithful, helpful, and hopeful for them. Shes also clever, emotional, and_ friendly. The last thing I wanted was for you to worry. Kay Chapman- The 1 year old spoiled brat whos conceited, selfish, and a cry baby. Sometimes, she helps with good intentions, but, most of the times, she aggravates around her harsh words and thoughts. I dont care if she never comes back. Dad can disappear too for all I care.... I hate all. of you. Youre all crazy and I hate you all leave me alone and die. Linda Chapman- The mother of Jody, Kay, and Michael, she can be abusive, hard, and harsh when shes upset. Its very difficult for her to care about her family since her only son disappeared, however, she wishes and wants to continue her life, even without Michael. Ive prayed too, and everybody / know had prayed, and God hasnt heard any of our prayers and I give UP- It Tom ChapMn- The father of the Chapman kids, Jody knew her father was still sane because he still cares about the family. However, Tom and Linda had arguements that made the kids thought they were going to get a divorce. He also accepts the truth and reality of situations. were going to go into family therapy and see if we can find the love I know we all used to have for each other. Maybe itll just prove to be another disaster, but we have to try. Maris- Jodys bestfriend. She has a mother she cant look up to,so she often goes to Jodys and feels she has a family there. She does her best to help and support Jody, mentally and emotionally. However, she sees a lot of guys who are wild and older than her. Weve been ------ best friends practically all our lives, Jody. Weve been through everything together. Lauren- Jodys other f riend. Shes very considerate & kind to her friends. She always looks out for Jody with her physical and emotional being. 7 dont like your attitude. It isnt healthy. Jocly, Michaels been gone for ainvst three months. Its about time you got on with your life. Angie Chapman- Jodys grandmother. She cooks delicious meals and lives in Florida, away from her son, Tom. She always blames the Chapman problems on Toms wife and defends Tom all the time, but she cares about her grandchildren a lot. Dont you think Im worried too? We feel so help less down here. We offered to come up when Michael first disappeared...-- John Grainger-The private detective Jodys grandparents hired. A retired police officer, he offered little hope to the Chapmans of finding Michael, dead or alive. Still, he used all resources he has to find him, alive or dead. Ill do my best. I promise you that, Kay” 5. The author reveals the central characters personality by allowing us to enter into Jodys mind and know her thoughts, perspectives, and observations on her problems, situations, and people. The author uses first person narration in this story. 6. The setting contributes to the novels characters actions. Jody thought maybe Michael ran away to Los Angeles or New York because theyre big cities where ordinary people can go unnoticed. That idea could have been Michaels intention. Also, the neighborhood where Jody - lives can also be a factor in the novel. People knew Michael and searched every place he couldve disappeared to. The time of the novel also helps because the detective said he couldve been abducted for kiddie porn, which wasnt a problem before until now. 7. The major conflicts in the novel are between Jodys mom and Kay, Jodys parents (external) and Jodys emotions with Michaels disappearance impact on her life (internal). A few minor conflicts are between Jody and her friends. These are resolved when Tom decides the family should go into therapy to stay together and Jodys friends know that shes going through a rough time with Michael missing. As for Jodys conflict, she learned to continue life without ever expecting Michael to come back. 8. The minor character I chose from the novel is Reverend Bruce Richards. I as a kind and knowledgeable, Well, you cant spend the night at Port Authority-. You can stay in my office, & Its not a question of trying too much or too little. Its trying the right things that counts. I chose the minister because he made an impact on Jodys perspective on her situation. While Jody did what he asked, which was pray, be patient, and look up to God, Jody also shared with him a phrase that calmed her down. He exchanged a phrase with something Jody will never forget. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. Reverend Bruce Richards purpose in the novel was to help deeply with Jodys character in understanding her lifes problems ever since Michael disappeared and offer her some hope in her future. . I would recommend this novel to a friend because it deals about problems that are happening in the world-today. Maybe not the exact way it happens in the novel, but the message near the end and Jodys trials with Michaels disappearance are worth reading about


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