The Sports Fest

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An atmosphere of excitement fills the morning air. Students donning their PE shirts and class jerseys eagerly practice in the covered courts. The referees, still clouded by drowsiness, await the official start of the event. What’s the fuss about? It’s the High School’s Annual sports fest. It is an event in which classes are tested for their athleticism, perseverance and unity.

Superficially, the classes are tested for their members’ athleticism. Let’s face it without the strength and dexterity of Sparta, the intelligence of Athens will be next to nothing. This still holds true to each student in the Ateneo. The sports fest is a chance for the students to display individual skills as well as team efforts. Last year, the class of H provided a stunning feat in basketball and volleyball. They played each game in a way that is comparable to varsity teams. Their hustle in both disciplines made each game close. Though the class lost by close margins, they never gave up on winning.

Matira matibay. This Filipino expression best expresses the theme of the sports fest. Since the event uses a knockout format for all sports basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and handball, perseverance is a big challenge. Every win a class chalks up entitles them to have another game and a step closer to the championships. A loss on the other hand demotes the class to the role of spectator. If they want to be on top, they must have the endurance to see them through each grueling game. To sum up, the sports fest is a big test of grit.

Perhaps the most important of all tests is the test of unity. This is to see if a class of forty-some students have bound together as one class or are still fragmented. Obvious signs of a united class are teamwork, communication, heart and the will to win. Without any of these signs, unity in any team might not be present. The class of H batch 004 had droughts in their first two years in the High School. In all the disciplines in the event, they have been booted out of the competition in the first round. Third year proved to be much better for the class. They reached the final four in the sport of basketball. Though H004 placed only fourth, it is a big achievement for them compared to early exits in the previous years. Unity it is the binding force of a class. It is the secret ingredient to success.

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Athleticism, perseverance and unity these are the three tests in the sports fest. These are what make the sports fest appealing to each member of each class. They have a chance to gauge themselves both as an individual and as a team. At the end of the day, they will be either ecstatic or depressed by the results of each

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