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The Lowland Gorilla

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata

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Class Mammalia

Order Primates

Family Hominidea

Genus Gorilla

Species Gorilla gorilla gorilla


Mostly shy, non-aggressive animals that are especially active in the morning. They live in social groups of to 5. An adult male Silverback is the leader and protector of his group, which consists of females and offspring. The dominant male regulates what time they wake up, eat, and go to sleep.

Silverbacks will charge anything that threatens them or their group and are known for their chest beating displays when in danger. If provoked the male will stand up, slap chest with cupped hands while roaring or screaming, and then charge.


Male gorilla may attain height of 5-½ ft. and weigh about 400 lbs. The female can reach a height of 5 ft. and about half the weight of the male. The skin is black, with coarse hair. Muzzle is short and hairless, with a flat nose, flaring nostrils, and strong jaws. Skeletal structure resembles humans, but have thicker bones, longer arms, and shorter legs.

Dietary Needs

Primarily vegetarians that eat fruits, leaves, stems, and other plants. Occasionally eat meat, insects, and eggs.


Females reach breeding age at about 10 years old. They typically bear young every four to five years, giving birth after a gestation period of eight to nine months. A young gorilla will remain with its mother until 5 years of age.


Lives among trees deep into the tropical rainforests in Africa.

Why Endangered

The only known enemy to gorillas are humans. Humans illegally hunt gorillas for meat, big game hunting, sales of their young, and captivity for zoo’s and research institutions.

Conservation Methods

Their last chance for survival may be sanctuaries in Africa, zoo’s, and other captive environments.






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