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“Romeo and Juliet”, written by Shakespeare, is a famous well known play liked by many people of all ages. The tragedy portrays many character’s different personalities, and each of their own roles in the play. The character’s have many significant relationships and some, as the story unfolds, go through changes.

Mercutio is one of the important character’s, in “Romeo and Juliet”. He is aggressive, witty, sarcastic, imaginative, brave, clever, humorous, spontaneous, eccentric, intelligent and is loyal. Many of these characteristics are seen during his actions and through his speech. His brave quality is seen when he stands up to fight Tybalt. Mercutio is not afraid of facing someone in battle. His humorous side is seen when he teases Romeo, in Act I Scene iv Romeo! Humours! Madman! Passion! Lover! Appear though in the likeness of a sigh.

Mercutio had two main roles and others not as significant. He was not only the Princes kinsman, but also Romeos best friend and companion. He was neither Montague or Capulet, putting him on no side, but because of his friendship with Romeo his loyalty placed him more as for the Montague’s especially when there were quarrels and arguments about the ancient family feud.

Mercutio has some significant relationships with characters in the play, although none of them is shared with a loved one. Mercutio though probably does not want someone to love because of the way he views love. He is the Prince’s kinsman, Benvolio’s friend and shares a relationship with many people who enjoy listening to his speeches. He has a very strong relationship with Romeo. They are best friends and are quite close and enjoy also teasing each other. Mercutio is also very faithful to Romeo because he helps to defend Romeo from Tybalt but sadly dies though this action. That was a major event in the play and it is the first real turning point towards a tragedy. When he is about to die he yells, “ A plaque on both your houses!”. Mercutio, I believe, changes at this point of the play because he has never been so serious and often jokes.


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In conclusion, Mercutios character is obviously very complex and vital to the plot of this play. He represents independence, youth, and freedom, and makes the story line a lot more interesting. He is a vital role to this play and when he dies the mood slightly changes.

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