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Love changes people, whether in a way they can’t eat, sleep, and stop thinking about love or another person, or if their whole elementary behavior and character is thrown off its natural course. In William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, one essential character acquires his dynamic personality from true adoration. Through the play, Romeo gradually begins to truly care and appreciate for other people. Because of love, pure love, one impulsive and inconsiderate boy develops into an exceptionally affectionate, compassionate man.

At the very beginning of the story, the boy spends his days lost in fumes of sighs and in heart’s oppression (1.1, 11, 17). In misery and grief, Romeo struggles to find love. At this moment in the play, the boy does not know the true meaning of love; and believes it is a discreet madness as he is currently “loving”, or doting a woman who will not ope her lap to saint seducing gold (1.1 0, ). In Act I, scene iv, he still horses around with his friends, the lusty gentlemen who he exposes to that love is too rough, too rude, and too boist’rous (1.4, 5-6, 10). Romeo, presently, loves from they appearance of a person, and cannot tell lust apart from love, which is natural at age seventeen and hits puberty.

Slowly, the boy and his sense of love develop as the plot does as well. In Act I, scene v, Romeo comes across a girl too rich in beauty, richer than a jewel in Ethiop’s ear, Juliet (5, 54). As he marvels at her beauty, he immediately falls in love with her. The adolescent meets with her, and is interrupted right after their second kiss. Eventually, Romeo stumbles onto Juliet’s council again in Act II, scene ii, and asks Juliet for the exchange of her vow of love for his (1).The young man asks Juliet to marry him, proving that he sincerely loves her. Romeo finds someone to love, confide in, and care for and protect.

Romeo’s globe of consideration widens and swells after marrying Juliet. In Act III, scene I, Tybalt and Mercutio fight, and in attempt to protect them both, the man beats down both of their rapiers (1). This displays Romeo change in character as he risks his own life for others. Romeo demonstrates this again when he receives news Juliet is dead and runs off to rest with her in the Capel’s monument. For Juliet and his devotion, he kills himself.

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As time passed, the boy began to learn what it meant to support someone, to love someone, and to die for it. Because of this, Romeo obtains a dynamic personality.

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