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Effective Management of Change Top Tips

Everyone is in a different phase

Not everyone will be in the same phase as you. You might be ‘discarding’ and they might

be in ‘denial’. Talk to them to find out where they are, and then adapt your

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communications with them accordingly.

Change takes time

Change often (76% of the time) takes longer than planned. Plan properly, and allow for

some slippage to take place. Provided that you Project Manage change then you can keep

on top of what is happening and react accordingly with your contingency plans.

Communication is the key

Many people resist change, or actively undermine it, because they do not have a good

understanding of what they are supposed to do, and what is happening. Never assume

understanding in others just because you have a grasp of things. Communicate often, bad

news as well as good, and stress where progress is being made

Change needs a Change Agent

To be a good Change Agent you need an awareness of people and social issues. Being

comfortable with people, able to understand their worries and aspirations as well as being

a good listener able to show empathy are vital ingredients.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry

Change takes longer than you think (see above). Because people are in different stages of

change, they make take a while to see that change can benefit them, or even that they

need to accept change and just move on. Be patient, repeat your message frequently, and

there will be gradual but positive progress towards the desired result.

The (personal) stages of change

These are often expressed in different ways by different authors, but a useful model is


Reducing resisatnce to change

Get people involved. Ask them questions, do research about attitudes and opinions

amongst the group and publish the results. Often, people resist change because they feel

powerless or alone. Feeling part of a social group is important, especially as change


moves on. Help people say their ‘goodbyes’ to their old ways and world so that they can

start looking towards the future.

Moving through the (organizational) change process

Phase 1- Analysis & Objective setting

Phase - Systems Introduction and Involvement

Phase - Implementation and Change

Phase 4- Evaluation and renewal

Some of these phases are more about people than others. People must be involved in the

planning stage, or they will not take ownership of the issue. But proper systems must be

in place, otherwise people will return to their old way of doing things.

Inspire Change

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