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When I was fifteen, I bagged groceries at the grocery store. For my hard work, I averaged about fifteen dollars a day in tips. Working at the store was a privilege�there was a waiting list. Work was biweekly if I was lucky. Babysitting was my ‘cash cow.’ Four hours of playing with two adorable children paid a minimum of fifty-dollars a weekend�tip not included. Neither of the jobs were steady work; I was an active teenager with a full social calendar. Bagging was available only if someone called in sick and I babysat only on military paydays-two weekends per month.

Bagging groceries required speed and precision. Cashiers seemed to furiously throw the groceries at me. Double bagging fiascos still haunt me to this day. Customers worked against me. Placing their groceries on the belt in random order, I never seemed to be able to put more than one frozen pizza in a bag before a soft, squishy, loaf of bread came tumbling down the belt, and I had to start a new bag. Twenty minutes later, my customer waiting impatiently, I would be ready to wheel the bags out to their waiting car.

Rain or shine, I would load the groceries and pray for a decent tip. Young, single military men usually tipped nothing. Single women tipped a minimum of three dollars. Military paydays would land me a whopping five-dollar tip from my parents’ friends.

Babysitting jobs usually landed in my lap twice a month. No friends were allowed, but I could eat all the junk food that I wanted. Usually the folks I babysat for had two children, or they would combine kids for a sleepover. I charged three dollars per child. My night began at 7 o’clock and usually ended around 11 or 1 o’clock. I would play or read with the children until o’clock and then it was “lights out!” Sometimes, they would wake and wonder where mommy was, or if they could have a glass of water, but I would take their hand and lead them back to bed.

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There were no television shows in Bermuda that late at night, and most people did not have a VCR, so I would read a magazine or a book. When the parents came home, they were usually tipsy or drunk, so that fact usually increased my tip. I would then happily walk home, counting my extra movie money the whole way.

As a fifteen year old with no major responsibilities, bagging was a very stressful job. After three weeks on that job, I told my boss that it interfered with my extracurricular activities, when in fact, I simply added to them to get out of that dreadful job! Babysitting on the other hand was quite relaxing; the children were already in their bedclothes, and all I had to do was read them a story. To this day I baby-sit for other peoples’ children, but now they are family, so I have to do it for free.

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