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I chanced upon a BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) radio production of the story, “Tales of Narnia The Magician’s Nephew” after a lazy Sunday siesta in the year 188. Like any 11-year-old kid, I was enchanted by the “Chronicles of Narnia” series that I looked forward to the following episodes with zeal, until all seven stories of the series came to a close many months later! At that time, there were numerous words that I was unable to comprehend, although I had constantly achieved high grades in my spelling tests; I pondered on this ‘inadequacy’ and finally, I concluded that I needed to work at my major weakness in mastering the English language, which was simply writing! And I never look back since besides accumulating a wealth of vocabulary, I started diary-writing and reading my tales periodically. To supplement my fluency in writing, I began reading the local English newspaper, “The Straits Times” at least twice a week. Months later, I was delighted that my essay marks rose dramatically!

My second experience appeared somewhat materialistic. In order to win attractive prizes from the Bookworm Club, I submitted many articles to the “Bookworm Digest” editorial team every month; short stories used to be my forte. Initially, I was disappointed (naturally) as none of my articles landed me a prize. Thus, I visited the school library frequently and read more fiction books than I usually did. To expedite my writing process, I discarded my basic dictionary and replaced it with an advanced one. Unfortunately, my best efforts only secured me a consolation prize at the end of my primary school days; but by then I already considered myself to be proficient in my writing skills.

The twin experiences I mentioned above were truly memorable - they have made me confident in translating my thoughts into writing with minimal effort. Hence, I enjoy writing (and reading) so much that I sometimes pen poems in my personal letters and electronic mails. I also detest ‘lazy writing’, other than writing common acronyms, such as unintelligible SMS (Short Message Service) vocabulary and incessant language mixing.

I learnt that the apparent simple process from thinking to writing involved other competencies, such as listening, speaking and reading (Cox 00). Thus it is natural to assume that writing and the other linguistic competencies are intricately linked - one can rarely excel in one aspect without doing so in the others.

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My primary school English teachers imprinted the what-I-considered as ‘traditional methods of writing’ onto me. Spelling tests were primarily conducted to avoid pesky spelling mistakes, nothing more. Before deciding on a topic to write on, there must firstly be sufficient contents in my mind and secondly, proper composition planning (Cox 00). I should also be mindful of the minimum word length; it also seemed to be the case of ‘the more words there are, the merrier’. Regarding the comments from my teachers, they were often clich�d and short - much to my frustration as I relied heavily on them to enhance my writing skills. I feel that teachers need to replace vague commentary and references to abstract rules and principles with text-specific strategies, directions, guidelines, and recommendations (Zamel 185).

I hope to impart the skill of effective writing to all my students with the same vigour that I have had enjoyed! To me, writing is predominantly associated with the writer’s imagination and self-expression. To crank up my students’ creative juices, I will urge them firstly to read as widely as possible, so as to heighten their self-awareness of the vast world around them. The second aspect of effective writing stems from the mundane use of the English language in our daily lives - fine writers must be able to converse in standard English. I do not ignore the technicalities of writing, but I wish to emphasize this to my students regardless of the amount of red ink spilled on their graded essays, technicialities are not the most important thing in writing; instead, a holistic feel is what it really matters to any marker (Zamel 185). I will hold conferences with pupils during writing workshops so as to guide them through the decision-making process before they start writing their compositions (Cox 00). Last but not least, I shall list my comments pertaining to my students’ works as accurately as I can, so that their future assignments will, hopefully, surpass their last ones.

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